Overkill - Live In Overhausen

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It's been over two years since Overkill celebrated two album anniversaries in one show at the end of their European tour. Choosing Oberhausen, Germany for the occasion, the band played a special two-hour set starting with a full run-through of the 25-year-old Horrorscope album, then giving the same treatment to their 30-year-old debut Feel The Fire. On the face of it, the show would be a rare opportunity to see the band play several forgotten songs from those records, but by the time they got there, it wasn't really much of a stretch to play the whole albums, as they'd added most of the songs to their regular set for the tour anyway (7/11 from Horrorscope, 8/10 from Feel The Fire). Nevertheless, the show was a true one-off, and has given rise to a largely excellent recording, where bassist D.D. Verni's backing vocals being too prominent, is the only minor issue. The guitars are a little thin in places, which is representative of the band's recent live sound, but otherwise this a very good, with the best lead vocal mix of any of their live releases so far. Obviously the setlist holds no surprises, but Overkill sound very different now to the mid '80s, so the rendition of the Feel The Fire album with their current sound is the most interesting part here. There's not much to fault with this release. It says what it is up front, and delivers exactly that. Anyone interested in the concept can't fail to enjoy it.

Written by Andy Lye
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