Lordi - Sexorcism

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Lordi's constant fear of negative reactions from longer-term fans - a fanbase they believe are unwilling to accept much in the way of new ideas and sounds from the band - seems to have finally gotten the better of them. On two previous albums, the Finns tempered what they really wanted to do on each record by making half the songs sound like standard Lordi fare, just to make sure the more single-minded fans were happy. The first time was on the mostly excellent To Beast Or Not To Beast, which they intended to make their heaviest album to date, but decided part way through recording to only make half the songs heavy, and the other half more typical. Then on 2016's Monstereophonic they really made two EPs, one of standard songs, one of a grander conceptual nature, and put them back to back to make an album. In between those two, they released the rather ordinary Scare Force One, and have now dumbed down their efforts even more. Sexorcism offers little more than the list of song titles suggests it will. Spun as "controversial", it's really just a lot of childish sexual references with the usual horror overtones (Naked In My Cellar, Slashion Model Girls, The Beast Is Yet To Cum), over riffs and keyboard twists which are becoming cliché. A lot of the riffs are good, some very good, but none of them are new. There's nothing here to change up the pace - like It Snows In Hell - nothing particularly heavy or aggressive (Sodomesitcated Animal at least tries with its frantic riff) and nothing amusing like on every other album. Lordi music has never been serious, in fact it's always been intentionally silly, but it was never stupid either. For one album at least, that's changed.

Written by Andy Lye
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