L.A. Guns - Made In Milan

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As it has many of their acts, Frontiers Records' own festival in Milan has afforded L.A. Guns the opportunity to release their first live album featuring Tracii Guns since Live: A Night On The Strip 18 years ago. Some bands are plagued with an eternal struggle to get a live album on the market with an ideal mix and sound, and unfortunately L.A. Guns are one of those bands. The search continues for them, as while the guitar mix here makes slightly better use of their heavier twin-guitar line-up than their recent studio effort The Missing Peace did, the tones are a little thin, and an intrusive bass guitar almost sounds unmixed. It's a very raw recording, with no attempt to mask mistakes, and throughout, everything sounds a little bit distant. Front-man Phil Lewis is mixed perfectly and although he sounds a little flat on occasion, especially The Ballad of Jayne, the recording shows just as most of their live shows have, that he is a revitalised man. The album is representative of their recent touring setlist, with only one song from the then-forthcoming new album, and the return of one or two classic old songs which were rarely played by the previous line-up of the band before the Lewis-Guns reunion - particularly Killing Machine and Malaria. There are undoubted highlights, like hearing Tracii perfectly peel off the intro to Don't Look At Me That Way, and ultimately, this is a solid live release, definitely their best to date, but it is not essential. Anyone who wants a document of the reunion, or of course was at the Frontiers Rock Festival, will enjoy this and easily recall their own experience of the tour. Everyone else may as well stick to the first two studio albums, because that's where all but three of these songs come from.

Written by Andy Lye
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