Candlemass - House of Doom

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The first side of this EP delivers two 6.5-minute slabs of classic Candlemass directly in line with the main three tracks on previous EP Death Thy Lover, while the second side takes a couple of detours. That previous EP was the first official studio release with current front-man Mats Leven (who had prior to that only appeared on demos and a one-off cover song for Sweden Rock Magazine), and while fans continue to wait for a full length album from this line-up, this second EP accompanies an unlikely collaboration between Candlemass and online betting company Hyperfrost Limited which saw the launch of a Candlemass-themed slots game called House of Doom, for which the EP's title song is the soundtrack. That song and the next one, , are pure Candlemass. They're both everything fans love about the band's music. Also like the last EP, the disc closes with an instrumental, Dolls On A Wall, which really should have been a full song. It's got the riffs, it's got the guitar solo, but without vocals, it just doesn't go anywhere. The disc highlight therefore, is the acoustic-based Fortuneteller, with more than a hint of Iron Maiden to it, representing a new sound for the band. A full collection of songs in that vein would be a very interesting departure for them - perhaps as a disc of new songs and a few acoustic reworkings of old ones - but in the mean time, despite the throwaway instrumental, fans are getting another three good Candlemass songs here, to tide them over until the long-awaited new studio album, which is part way through being recorded when this EP hits shelves.

Written by Andy Lye
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