Tyketto - LIVE: ABC 2, Glasgow 2017

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Reach Tour
January 24 (21:30 - 23:15)
Capacity 350

It was a slightly longer wait for the Scottish fans of Tyketto as the band had to rearrange the original show set for November last year, due to family issues for one of the members, and despite being rescheduled for the same night as Black Sabbath, Glenn Hughes, and The White Buffalo, a very healthy crowd turned up. So much so, that Danny Vaughn himself remarked how delighted he was, with "every band in the planet being in Glasgow tonight."

The promoters organised a three-band bill, which is often the norm these days. It's an attempt to give value for money, but that's only acceptable if it doesn't result in the headliners coming on so late that quite a number of the crowd have to leave before they've finished. There was simply too big a gap between bands to allow for this to work on the night - there were certainly folks complaining about it. If a band or venue decide to have late finishes this should be advertised, and adhered to, as fans spend hard earned money to support live music and the finish time is always a deciding factor on what gigs to attend for fans who aren't local.

Main support on the tour are The King Log, who are a good match for Tyketto with their AOR leanings coming over as a mix of early Bon Jovi and the grittier edge of Scottish rockers Gun. The best tracks do tend to be the ones with the heavier edge, but even those have very infectious choruses. They, along with a bunch of folk known as The Jolly Boys, had recorded a version of the Tyketto track Wings which was released as a charity single for MS and actually charted in Scotland, so they really were a good choice here.

Eventually at around 21:30 Tyketto hit the stage, opening with one of the best tracks from new album Reach, Kick Like A Mule, which features some fantastic work from guitarist Chris Green, and should have done what it said on the tin, but the mix was so poor the effects of the guitar riff were inaudible in several spots of the venue. Vocally Danny Vaughn sounded brilliant as to be expected, but the lack of guitar was disappointing. Rescue Me fared little better, but by the time they got Faithless - nice to see a later track go down really well rather than just the hits - and its particularly good guitar break, things had been rectified and the guitar was much prominent. There was also some very nice note-holding by Danny during this.

Burning Down Inside turned into community singing at its best, and even after 26 years this holds up as simply a great song. Before playing Reach, there was chat about worrying if anyone would turn up on the tour and discussions on Facebook with fans in general. Dig In Deep was dedicated to someone called Barry who had said online that he had waited 25 years to actually see the band live, prompting a show of hands for other "newbies", and then quite a bit of reminiscing about the band's first dates in Scotland, especially the “mad bastards” who welcomed them first time in the Barras when supporting White Lion. During Standing Alone, it could have been 1991 or '92 again. The big note was hit, although maybe not held quite as long as it was back in the day, and it was fantastic.

There was quite a bit of chat between songs, some of which was amusing and made for a kind of fun pub gig vibe including how times change as well as expectations, like starting off hoping to buy a Maserati, then perhaps an Audi, now with luck a Toyota. However the important thing is that folk still care enough to come out and support a band after such a long period of time. Cheesily, this led to Catch My Fall, then one of the new tracks which caught attention live more than on the album, Big Money, with the chorus sounding absolutely huge and the guitar solo coming across really impressively.

About this time due to public transport and the late running, many people had to leave, missing the big party section where the guys from The King Lot joined in to celebrate the song Wings, a real hoot for anyone who stayed, but a disappointment to anyone forced to leave.

For many it was a mixed night due to stage timings and early in the set the dodgy mix losing the effect of the guitar, but with some great moments and humour it ended up being a very strong set. Hopefully next time the band will come on a bit earlier so that everyone is able to stay until the end.

Setlist: Kick Like A Mule / Rescue Me / Faithless / I Need It Now / Burning Down Inside / Meet Me In The Night / Reach / Dig In Deep / Standing Alone / Catch My Fall / Let It Go / Big Money / Lay Your Body Down / Love To Love / Wings // Forever Young

Written by Tom Cornell
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