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For some reason, the week after completing the European leg of their KISSWorld Tour, KISS are releasing another greatest hits album, just three years after they released a comprehensive one for their 40th anniversary. That's not forgetting that they already have another 10 widely released official compilations to their name, plus other box sets and Japanese releases, many of which are in print and easily available. Not only is there no need for another one, there certainly isn't a need for one with such a strange, lacking tracklist. Given that the album shares its name with the tour - not a coincidence - it wouldn't be unreasonable to think its tracklist would mirror the tour's setlist, but it doesn't. The weirdest aspect of the release is that is doesn't include a single track from their iconic self-titled debut album, a disc which is the source of several concert mainstay classics like Black Diamond and Deuce, both of which are in the current set alongside Firehouse. It does include a couple of tracks which have been unfairly overlooked on previous compilations, like Unholy, makes sure to include a few more recent songs like Modern Day Delilah and Hell Or Hallelujah (the same two recent ones already on KISS 40, it should be said), and does resurrect a couple of songs, like Tears Are Falling and Crazy Crazy Nights (also both on KISS 40), which other single-disc compilations have skipped, but otherwise, apart from the unusual inclusion of I'm A Legend Tonight, this contains all the songs any fan would expect it to contain, misses out several more, and is generally a waste of time and money. Hardcore completists only, and even they should think twice. Anyone new to KISS should get KISS 40, which is superior in every way.

Written by Andy Lye
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