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Passing Stages: Live In Milan And Atlanta is a double CD comprising two shows recorded at festivals, Frontiers Metal Fest in Milan and ProgPower in the USA. The first of the two is most recent, from 2016 and features mostly tracks from the latest studio album The Passage, with a total of eight being from that album. The second disc is from 2014, and has seven tracks from Frame and six from Momentum, the previous two studio albums. Anyone wanting an album that is more retrospective may need to go back to Synthesis, a CD and DVD set in which the CD goes back through some of the early work of the band. However this double CD is a good representation of the band as they are now. The musicianship is top notch, showing that they can recreate what they do in the studio in a live environment, and in vocalist Marco Basile they are blessed to have one of the best rock and metal singers around at the moment. The songs are played on the whole like the album versions but live there is a bit of edge or energy which sets them apart from the studio. At times everything seems more "in your face" which is what a good live gig recording should be. Some of the tracks that benefit from being live include Animal with the crowd participation, the beautiful and yet powerful short ballad Disguise, then the vocal harmonies on Ghosts of Insanity where guitarist Simone Mularoni carries out the vocal lines that were sung by Tom Englund from Evergrey on the album version as well as throwing out a very impressive solo. On the second CD the best moments include In A Movie with it's nice time changes and powerful vocal and an absolutely monstrous sounding Enhancement which is simply superb and has some wonderful guitar verses keyboard soloing going on. the fact that there are no repeated songs between the two sets makes this a very good live album which is a fine addition to the band's catalogue.

Written by Tom Cornell
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