Uli Jon Roth - Tokyo Tapes Revisited Live In Japan

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One of former Scorpions guitarist Uli Jon Roth's most successful recent ventures has been resurrecting his favourite songs from his time with the German hard rock veterans, many of which the band no longer play, and re-recording them on the double album Scorpions Revisited with English singer Nathan James. He then took those songs on tour, and on the Japanese leg recorded a live album, just as Scorpions did in 1978. The new versions are heavier, much more guitar-oriented renditions, and with the help of James, sound as fresh as ever. On the road the tour has been just as successful as the album, and the resulting live album, mixed perfectly, with the addition of a couple of Jimi Hendrix covers, is the perfect counterpart to the studio album. Despite its title, this isn't a complete retreading of Tokyo Tapes. They open with the same song that album opened with, All Night Long, but after that, because the focus here is specifically Uli's choice tracks, the setlist is completely different. He also hasn't stuck rigidly to the songs chosen for Scorpions Revisited, and plays one or two, like Top of The Bill, which weren't included there. The audio CDs are the stronger component of the package (not available separately), because the video, although edited well and of good quality, is rather limited. The hall the concert took place in isn't the biggest, and therefore there aren't that many cameras being used to shoot the band. Camera angles are mainly therefore limited to straight ahead from the back of the ball, one in the front on Uli's side, and one in the front on the other side. There are few-to-no on-stage close-ups, and the stage is surprisingly poorly lit for a filming, so many shots are disappointingly dark. For a reasonable price, the package is worth it for the CDs, but the DVD feel lacking but current standards.

Written by Andy Lye
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