Saint Vitus - Live Vol. 2

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Doom metal pioneers Saint Vitus do not have a good track record with live recordings because capturing their live sound is notoriously difficult, rooted as it is in distortion, fuzz, and feedback. Their first attempt came in 1990, featuring a show recorded the previous year in Germany. Since then only occasional vinyl singles or limited edition archival releases of questionable legitimacy (2012's vinyl-only Marbles In The Moshpit recording came from 1984) have been released, until now. Live Vol. 2 is the official sequel to Live, and features a show recorded in 2013 in Luxembourg on the tour for their latest studio album Lillie: F-65. Unfortunately it sounds no better than the bootlegs. The only thing to come out of this sounding good are Scott Weinrich's vocals, the rest is a muddy mess, and much less balanced than its 26-year predecessor, suffering from a thin, fuzzless guitars which only come to life on the solos, no discernible bass, and flat, distant drums. There's no real excuse for a poor sounding live album anymore. And if technical or logistical problems lead to one being recorded, it shouldn't be released, no matter how "true" a poor sounding live recording is considered to be in any kind of underground following. Saint Vitus collectors only for this one. Casual fans will find it unlistenable.

Written by Andy Lye
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