Myrath - Legacy

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Nightmare Records
Produced by Kevin Codfert

Myrath are a Tunisian band formed in 2006 who play a mixture of Eastern music with metal, classical, and pop influences. The easiest way to describe their latest album Legacy, which is apparently how their name translates into English - so technically making this a self-titled album - is a lighter more sort of easy listening Orphaned Land.

Not that they are copyists, they are their own band, but if looking for other bands with a similar (but not the exact same) vibe then Orphaned Land would be the other one. But where there are more growled vocals and longer progressive elements in the OL's music, Myrath are have more melody, with less time changes, and clean vocals. This is an album which could therefore also appeal to rock fans who prefer classic rock and AOR as there are so many fine melodic moments with some very nice vocals.

The two tracks which stand out lyrically are The Needle and Through Your Eyes. The first is a hard-hitting look at drug abuse, loneliness, despair, and depression leading to reliance on an escape which then becomes the final way out in a death with no one there to hold onto. Musically this is ominous, the fleeting violins are so dark, enhancing the song as opposed to engulfing it. The second is a moving, sad track about the loss of a loved one. Singing "I won't mourn your demise, I'll celebrate your life" whilst looking for "healing wounds" and trying to "carry on" highlights the difficulties of coming to terms with a death of someone close. The idea of living and trying to see things in an optimistic manner or in the way of your loved one is nicely explained and explored. Both songs on difficult subjects but handled with sensitivity and intelligence.

Musically the better tracks merge the two worlds of Arabic and Western music, like Endure The Silence which opens and closes with a quirky 1920s or 1930s style jazzy piano piece, but in the main body it has lots of violins and keyboards along with some thunderous drumming mixed with a more tempered vocal section with a very slight Muse feel about it. After a haunting middle eastern classical piece at the very start (Jasmin) the first real song Believer has an uplifting feel which does show off the different facets of their sound, as it has an Eastern feel, quite symphonic, but is somewhere between metal and pop chorus wise. Despite the variation it is quite easy on the ear. Ballad I Want To Die has a Scorpions Humanity Hour 1 sound about it. This is not a song encouraging suicide but rather just the emotional distress at splitting up or a lover/partner leaving suddenly; slightly melodramatic as a song. Storm of Lies finishes the album and is one of the heaviest tracks, with the guitar more up front, featuring a reasonable length guitar solo, and in so doing swings the album more into metal territory.

Myrath aren't really a progressive metal band anymore, at least on the evidence of this album, which isn't really that prog, or even that metal. It's by no means a bad album, but if someone is looking for something heavy or for long songs with lots of time changes, they would be probably disappointed with this. It's an album of well-constructed songs which have strong melodies and an Eastern feel (a couple of tracks sound like they could be used in movies based in Arabic places), and when taken as that can be enjoyed and appreciated.

“ so many fine melodic moments ”

Tracklist: Jasmin / Believer / Get Your Freedom Back / Nobody's Lives / The Needle / Through Your Eyes / The Unburnt / I Want To Die / Duat / Endure The Silence / Storm of Lies / Other Side

Written by Tom Cornell
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