Inferno 2017

Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo, Norway
John Dee, Oslo, Norway
Revolver, Oslo, Norway

April 12-15

NOK 1800,- (four-day ticket)
NOK 1500,- (three-day ticket)
NOK 600,- (one-day ticket)
NOK 460,- (club day ticket)
NOK 1500,- (four-day ticket - early price) Sold Out
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Confirmed Bands/Running Order

Club Day (Wednesday 12/4)


23:15 Borknagar
21:30 Red Harvest
20:15 Vesen
19:15 Befouled


23:45 Furze
22:15 Tangorodrim
20:45 Nachash
19:45 Whip


00:15 Deus Mortem
22:45 Whoredom Rife
21:15 Darvaza
20:15 Slidhr


23:45 Hail Spirit Noir
22:15 Madder Mortem Cancelled
22:15 Sarkom
21:00 Slegest
19:45 Sulphur

Day 1 (Thursday 13/4)


00:00 Carcass
21:30 Possessed Cancelled
21:30 Destruction
19:50 Venom Inc.
18:15 Helheim

John Dee

22:50 Pillorian
20:40 Azarath
19:05 Panzerfaust
17:30 Age of Woe


01:15 Heavydeth
23:15 Netherbird

Day 2 (Friday 14/4)


00:00 Gorgoroth
21:30 Samael
19:50 Anaal Nathrakh
18:15 Insidious Disease

John Dee

22:50 Crowbar
20:40 Infernal War
19:05 Diabolus Incarnate
17:30 Vinterblot

Day 3 (Saturday 15/4)


00:00 Abbath
21:30 Belphegor
19:50 Primordial
18:15 Slagmaur

John Dee

22:50 Svartidaudi
20:40 Kontinuum
19:05 Zhrine
17:30 Audn

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Where known, bands are listed in order of status, starting with headliners (in bold). All line-ups are subject to change. Some festivals are subject to license. Booking fee and postage charges may apply to online ticket orders. See the terms and conditions of the ticket agency in question for details.

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