Extreme - Pornograffitti Live 25

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After Twisted Sister's release, the second recording to come from the Metal Meltdown event in Las Vegas gives Extreme a chance to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their most successful album, Pornograffitti. For most of their touring in 2015 and 2016 they have been playing the whole album every night plus a few additional tracks as an encore, and this release presents that show (in a slightly shortened form). The CD here includes just the run through of Pornograffitti, while the DVD adds two more tracks to the end (Play With Me and Cupid's Dead). It would have been better to get a full show from the tour, where the encore was often up to five songs long, but with this opportunity presented to them (as to all of the bands on the bill that night), it would have been silly to turn it down. From the very beginning the recording is better than the Twisted Sister one. The guitar is still a little low, and the drums a little high, and for some reason the backing vocals are as loud, if not occasionally louder, than Gary Cherone's lead vocals, but overall the mix is much more even. There isn't much more to this release than that. Naturally the DVD footage is excellent, but in terms of the music, fans know exactly what they're getting, and any newcomers to the band should be starting with the studio album rather than this. Extreme only have one other full live album, Take Us Alive, and this one is a significant improvement over that one's muddy mix, so as they're currently performing as well as they ever have, existing fans should find a lot to enjoy here.

Written by Andy Lye
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