Crobot - Welcome To Fat City

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Nuclear Blast Records
Produced by Machine

Crobot often get paired on tours with stoner rock bands, but their latest album Welcome To Fat City clearly shows they are a classic hard rock band, with strong old fashioned songs and large easy to sing choruses.

There is a lot of groove, hooks and funk in the music, taking their cue from the classic old bands like Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith, with elements of Mothers Finest or Living Color, along with a little bit of grunge, especially Soundgarden. Vocalist Brandon Yeagley has a heck of a set of pipes on him, a range to blow people away, with power passion and clarity and a real hint of Chris Cornell. Most impressive all round. This is simply 11 strong rock songs, heavy yet with great accessibility to those who like even AOR.

It is hard to pick songs out as there is a solid standard among them. The title song opens the album and it sets the tone nicely. A fine funky riff with a massive chorus and a few time changes. It is almost impossible not to either at least nod the head or tap the feet to. Easy Money has some harmonica playing and a little of Humble Pie feel about it, albeit a bit heavier, and Steal The Show crosses the grunge feel with the classic rock of the '70s, and again has some fine harmonica work going on. When he sings "we've come to steal the show", it sounds like he really means it.

These are songs to be played to an audience with the amps turned up loud! The slower track Moment of Truth is also very tasty. The slower parts and the chorus worm their way into the head and won't let go. The bluesy ending is sassy and has an early Whitesnake vibe with a very good Coverdale type drawl. The top song though is probably Hold On For Dear Life, which does sound like a missing track from Badmotorfinger due to the vocals. It may start slow but it builds nicely into a powerful song with the chorus being particularly strong with a raw emotion mixed with the high notes.

The band are really first class. The rhythm section have a cool groovy funk going on and a fine understanding (brothers Jake and Paul Figueroa), giving a fabulous solid base for guitarist Chris Bishop, who utilises a good number of effect pedals, and of course Yeagley on top. It's great to hear a band that has the heaviness yet the groove with blues and funk along with strong songs. This is the sounds of the '70s, mixed with grunge, but with a modern production.

“ groove, hooks and funk ”

Tracklist: Welcome To Fat City / Play It Cool / Easy Money / Not For Sale / Hold On For Dear Life / Temple In The Sky / Right Between The Eyes / Blood On The Snow / Steal The Show / Moment of Truth / Plague of The Mammoths

Written by Tom Cornell
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