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Most people have the same things to say about Canadian classic metal veterans Anvil. Those things generally go along the lines of they make the same music on every album, and were never very good to begin with. In truth, Anvil have always been capable of some top drawer metal, their real problem was that they could never manage it for an entire album. Most of their records, and there are many, contain two or three really good tracks, and all of the rest tend to be the same derivative stuff. More often than not the good songs were the slower ones with the heavier riffs, which has been true ever since their signature song, the title track from their 1982 album Metal On Metal, but here, with another of their trademark alliterative album titles this time as near as they can get to self-titled, they have barely managed a single one of those songs. None of the usual positives are here, besides perhaps the repetitive Gun Control with a terrific main riff but dreadfully ham-fisted lyrics. Everything else is amongst some of the worst Anvil songs since their second rise to prominence with That movie in 2008. Repetition is the theme, as barely any chorus contains more than just a straight-forward four repeats of the track's title, over phoned-in riffs. It really feels like Anvil on auto-pilot, but with Steve 'Lips' Kudrow's voice sounding more strained than normal. So it's Anvil completists only for this one, everyone else needn't bother. In this particular case the naysayers are right, this just isn't good enough. Seek out other recent albums Juggernaut of Justice or Hope In Hell instead.

Written by Andy Lye
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