Origin - LIVE: The Riot Room, Kansas City, MO 2015

1349's Chaos Raids Tour
February 19 (22:30 - 23:30)
Capacity 300

A written review really doesn't do justice to the absolute mayhem that encompasses a normal Origin show. Even in the span of just about an hour, the Kansas-based technical deathgrind band has all the staples of a crazy show - the moshing, the headbanging, the chiding of the crowd for more action.

But Origin takes it one step further with the inclusion of their recent addition to vocals, Jason Keyser. The ex-Skinless frontman has to be one of the most entertaining and energetic vocalists in extreme metal today. Not only does he encourage moshing and stage diving, he will pull up crowd members to the stage and instruct the throng of freaks in the crowd proper in "catching etiquette" when it comes to stagediving. "Do not drop, lest ye be dropped," was his primary advice during all the stage-diving.

But a band's stage presence only works if the music is good, and Origin's performance at the Riot Room in Kansas City was one of their best performances there in a long time. Although the animated Keyser takes centre stage with his banter and inhuman vocals, founding member Paul Ryan is constantly pulling off guitar riffs that most other deathgrind bands would struggle to put down on a record. Bassist Mike Flores is constantly running the length of his instrument with his fingers and is one of the most technically stunning parts of the band, while legendary drummer John Longstreth is throws out blastbeats (and faster) like it's yesterday's news. It can be easy for the sound at a show like this - one that relies so heavily on technicality and precision instrumentation - to be muddied and clutter up the band members, but the Riot Room did a fantastic job - the guitars came through nicely and every single snare hit in every single blastbeat was loud and clear.

The setlist was no slouch either - the majority of songs coming from their 2014 release Omnipresent which included the heaviest song of the night, a devastating performance of Thrall:Fulcrum:Apex. But there was a good showing from 2011's Entity album, perhaps Origin's most technically impressive album to date, as well as Finite from fan-favourite release Antithesis and Disease Called Man from their 2000 self-titled debut record.

No matter which time period Origin was performing from, it was done with an absolute note-perfect performance and a stunning amount of showmanship. Origin seems to be hitting their stride in their long and storied career, and it's about time - the metal world could use more bands like them.

“ technicality and precision instrumentation ”

Setlist: Expulsion of Fury / Thrall:Fulcrum:Apex / The Absurdity of What I Am / The Aftermath / Saliga / Unattainable Zero / Manifest Desolate / All Things Dead / Finite / Portal / Disease Called Man

Written by Jackson May
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