Unisonic - For The Kingdom

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Just as they did with their self-titled debut in 2012, Michael Kiske's Unisonic have compiled a pre-cursor EP ahead of the release of their new album Light of Dawn, but this time it offers much better value for money. In addition to a new track which will appear on the album, the band have loaded the half-hour disc with an exclusive b-side, and four live songs recorded at the 2012 Masters of Rock Festival in the Czech Republic, whereas last time it was two tracks from the album, a demo (which will be included in the box set version of the new album), and one live song. The studio tracks bode very well for the album. Both are heavy, reasonably fast-paced, catchy, and Kiske sounds fantastic. The chorus of For The Kingdom, which will be on the album, is a little too AOR, but it doesn't let the song down too much, and exclusive track You Come Undone is even stronger, hopefully indicating that if it didn't make the cut for the full album, then the tracks which did must be even better. The quality of the live songs, which include arguably the three best songs from the debut, is superb, mixed perfectly by bassist Dennis Ward, with thick guitars and a brilliantly clear Kiske vocal. Rather than just being make-weights, they turn the EP into a great way to fill 30 minutes, much like the extra tracks on last year's Gamma Ray EP did (also on earMUSIC, and obviously also featuring the involvement of Kai Hansen - coincidence?). Unisonic fans are advised to purchase immediately. This is the perfect companion to the albums, with the minimum of song-duplication.

Written by Andy Lye
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