Godsmack - 1000hp

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Godsmack were never the quickest between albums, but the four-year waits for new records do drag somewhat for fans of a band who are still relatively young. Fortunately, when those new albums arrive, they are always worth the wait. This one isn't the same kind of thoughtful album as IV and the The Oracle were, but a lot of fans will welcome the reversion to more accessible songs that it brings. 1000hp (perhaps as the title suggests) is a more straight forward, all-rock-all-the-time kind of album, focused entirely on riffs and catchy choruses in the typical Godsmack style. The title track starts as the album means to go on with its immediate, ready-made rabble-rousing chorus of "Turn that shit up louder / Make it all go faster / Playing through the witching hour / Take it to 1000 horse power" and trademark riff; a guaranteed concert favourite of the future. FML ("fuck my life"), What's Next?, and Generation Day all follow suit and are classic Godsmack, while the magnificent Something Different is both one of their catchiest and best songs for years. It's as strong a "Side A" as they've ever put out. The second half isn't quite up to the same level as the first, with songs which are still good, but less dynamic and memorable - with the exception of Living In The Gray - and perhaps it suggests that a slightly different running order would have benefited both the album overall, and these songs. For instance, had the slightly monotonous Nothing Comes Easy been between FML and Something Different, it would have been just another good song, but between the less lively I Don't Belong and Turning To Stone it finds itself in the middle of a slightly duller patch on the disc. In the Godsmack catalogue 1000hp is as consistent as earlier albums, albeit less aggressive, and reaches back to the more fun side of the band from those days as well. It's not as mature as the excellent IV, but probably is more memorable, so all in it's a top drawer entry for them.

Written by Andy Lye
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