Voodoo Six - LIVE: The Garage, London 2013

March Into A New Era Tour
May 9 (20:30-22:00)
Capacity 2000

With a new album quickly approaching and preparing for a Summer supporting British giants Iron Maiden, Voodoo Six finish off their March Into A New Era Tour by headlining the historic Garage in London. It seems that Voodoo Six are going from strength to strength, having already played various Summer festivals like Download and Sonisphere, to supporting rock superstars like Extreme, and with only two albums released it is safe to say that there is a lot more to come from the London rockers.

First on the bill are fellow Londoners Fighting Wolves who, despite failing to grab the attention of the full crowd, showed true professionalism on stage by throwing themselves around for half an hour with nothing more than smiles on their faces. It is easy to understand the lack of connection with the crowd due to the band coming on stage at just 19:45, but their musical talent and catchy hooks allows the small London quartet to leave a positive memory. Next on the bill is up and coming Brentwood-based pop rockers New City Kings who, by the amount of girls screaming to every song, were obviously put on the bill to bring female attention to the night of Hard Rock and booze. Although each band member was on form there was a lack of chemistry on stage and when lead vocalist Mark K attempts a drum battle with drummer Ben Nyari it all becomes a little too cheesy.

By the time the somewhat small London Garage is full it's 21:25 and with curfew at 23:00 and still no sign of headliners Voodoo Six chatter turns to whether a full headlining set will be achievable for Britain's next hard rock sensation. However merely three minutes later the lights dim and the shattering guitar riff of Like The Others Did accompanied by a wave of cheers fills the venue. Almost instantly it is obvious that front man Luke Purdie is in his element on stage and with great crowd participation and rifle hand gestures in Take Aim it seems Purdie is taking a leaf or two out of Bruce Dickinson's book ready for the Summer tour. Moreso than the great crowd connection the whole band managed to induce, one of the highlights of the show was in fact the great connection the band had with each other, especially between guitar duo Chris Jones and Matt Pearce who constantly threw smiles and wacky faces across the stage. This not only further created a light-hearted, playful rock environment but also showed that this band was made for playing live and that they enjoy every minute of each show, which unfortunately is hard to find these days.

Despite the set time being just an hour and a half, the band managed to incorporate a healthy amount of already released material from Fluke? and Feed My Soul whilst still including nine out of the eleven songs off their upcoming album Songs To Invade Countries To, which by the reaction of the crowd seemed to be a good choice. Overall the night was a success for Voodoo Six and their incorporation of hard rock and country rock 'n' roll was played flawlessly to the crowd of a few hundred. It is evident that this is just the beginning for Voodoo Six and that they will reach new heights on their tour with Maiden.

“ light-hearted, playful rock environment ”

Setlist: Like The Others Did / No Friend of Mine / Falling Knives / Take Aim / Take The Blame / Lead Me On / Sink Or Swim / Stop / Something For You / Sharp Sand / You Don't Know / Your Way / All That Glitters / Waiting In Line / Long Way From Home

Written by Ellis Davis
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