Symphony X and German composer Wagner made a baby it might sound like the colours of Tellus Requiem"

" /> Symphony X and German composer Wagner made a baby it might sound like the colours of Tellus Requiem"

" /> Tellus Requiem – Invictus (The 11th Hour) – Jukebox:Metal Jukebox:Metal | Tellus Requiem - Invictus (The 11th Hour) review
Tellus Requiem - Invictus (The 11th Hour)

Nightmare Records
Produced by Stig Nergård & Tellus Requiem

Invictus (The 11th Hour) is the second album by Norwegian progressive metal band Tellus Requiem formed back in 2007 by guitarist Stig Nergård, who describes what the band does with this description "if Symphony X and German composer Wagner made a baby it might sound like the colours of Tellus Requiem". They are obviously a progressive metal band but incorporate Eastern folk and film score type music within what they do. If looking for band influences then certainly Symphony X is a start, but added to that there are definite influences from Adagio, Orphaned Land, Myrath and Therion.

The band's name means "the earth's death mass" and the songs on the album are about the "earth shattering", however the band say the songs can sometimes be global, personal, literary or fictional.
This is an excellent body of work, even the average track is of good quality, but the stand out tracks are something else. The double whammy of Eden Burns followed by Reflections Remain is truly memorable. Where the former is fast and furious with powerful drumming and time signature changes, the latter is gentle, reflective, simple with vocal harmonies that are soothing. In Eden Burns there is even Eastern sounding music, classical piano (the keyboard player Anders Sundb was apparently found whilst teaching or playing classical music in a music store, and is a very prominent member of the band from listening to this album) and Latin singing!

Other tracks worth extra attention are Tranquility an emotive piece which soars in connection with the lyrics of "flying through the night" and has a guitar solo very similar to the sort of solos Yngwie Malmsteen played on the Rising Force album, and Invictus which features some wonderful classical style piano and a thumping bass line at various points. This is the track which has a Therion feel about it vocally.

Invictus is a very good album which rewards particularly after repeated listens.

“ an excellent body of work ”

Tracklist: Ab Aeterno / Red Horizon / Eden Burns / Reflections Remain / Twilight Hour / Sands of Gold / Tranquility / Redemption / Invictus / Dies Irae

Written by Tom Cornell
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