Rust N' Rage - Showdown

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Hailing from the west coast of Finland and equipped with enough hairspray, eyeliner and tight jeans to put the likes of an '80s W.A.S.P to shame, young rockers Rust N' Rage hit the scene with their debut effort Showdown. Starting with a slow-paced instrumental, Road To Nowhere (which can only be described as the calm before the storm), it is clear that Rust N' Rage display a mature outlook on their first album and are making their intentions clear, glam metal is back. Plummeting straight into the Judas Priest-styled Secret Highways Rust N' Rage already show great potential, with a great display of guitar talent and maturity despite the vocals sounding slightly restrained. However all worries are set aside when vocalist Vince comes into his own on the track Hotter Than You, which includes a Bruce Dickinson-like bellow, gang vocals and lyrics that reek of Crüe. These first tracks pretty much some up the entire album, which includes various Skid Row-influenced songs like This Time, and heavy, hard rock riffs on Hit The Ground and Sounds of The City, with the occasional sexual reference. However the most interesting track on the album and the only track where the vocals fully captivate, is the dark, gritty Where The Angels Go To Die. Being the closest song to a ballad on the album, it's a shame the vocal range on that song are not present on the rest of the album. When listening to Showdown it is easy to forget that all band members have only just hit their twenties and therefore the talent showcased is phenomenal, with some impressive vocals, a strong rhythm section and a selection of over the top, head-banging solos, it is easy to see why a band so young got signed. It is clear Rust N' Rage have no shame in wearing their musical influences on their sleeves and in most cases it can be seen as a positive thing that such a young band are taking such heavy influences from the likes of Skid Row and Priest. However, with the restrained vocals and that lack of originality, it's hard to tell if Rust N Rage have really given their best - yet.

Written by Ellis Davis
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