Onslaught - VI

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The promise of new Onslaught music feels like it has been lingering on for quite a while now, but in reality their last album was only two years ago, and came with some substantial touring which was successful enough to announce pretty quickly thereafter that the next album was under way. To say the follow-up they've crafted is relentless would be like saying Slayer albums are a bit cross. VI is a full-tilt thrash album from start to finish, finding some time to inject a little groove into its riffs on occasion (the outstanding Children of The Sand), but generally residing at the upper end of Onslaught's aggression scale. Vocalist Sy Keeler sounds more vicious than ever here, straying into Lamb of God territory on tracks like Slaughterize, and the riffs never stop. There have been other albums which tread the same path, like Death Angel's The Dream Calls For Blood, but Onslaught have done it with better songs and a more interesting, constantly shifting, barrage of riffs. No one riff outstays its welcome, and there's never a chance to get too used to any part of the album before the next rattles through. Put simply, Onslaught have more in common with Kreator than they do Municipal Waste, and it certainly suits them. 66 Fucking 6, clearly written to be their new anthem, contains their statement of intent: "louder, harder, faster... darker, stronger, heavier."

Written by Andy Lye
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