No Sinner - LIVE: The Black Heart, London 2013

Boo Hoo Hoo Preview Tour
November 25 (21:00 - 22:00)
Capacity 150

No Sinner's live UK debut took place in front of an audience that seemed to be made up almost entirely of press and promoters in the small dark room that is The Black Heart in Camden; a venue that doesn't feel the need to announce its existence to the outside world.

The mis-matched Canadian four-piece took to the stage with no fanfare or introduction. Guitarist Eric Campbell appeared to have fought his way through several hedges in order to be there, bassist Parker Bossley arrived from 1973, and neat and tidy drummer Ian Browne seemed out of place behind the spandexed power house that is 25-year-old Colleen Rennison.

Naturally the set list was almost a carbon copy of their debut mini-album, eeked out to fill the hour with a fair amount of indulgent guitar playing and two encores. Rennison's reaction to the second call back, returning to the stage effusing thanks with bottle of red wine in hand, made it feel genuine and spontaneous but alas, according to the set list, it had been planned.

For the most part the band sounded exactly as they do on the album, from the syncopated drums and blues rock-a-billy of Boo Hoo Hoo to the more straightforward blues of If Anything. Rennison puts her heart and soul into Saturday Night and the audience follows her lead. The set was vibrant and well received. It seems no one can fail to be won over by this group.

Rennison's vocal is at times so husky and masculine you wonder how many packs a day it takes to maintain such a voice but she's all woman on stage. She is outstanding, slinking and strutting about the stage, all hair flicks and legs, can of Kronenbourg 1664 in hand. Her manner is easy and without conceit.

The band clearly works hard. They are energetic, spirited and have fun but if there's a weak link in the group it is Campbell, who needs to play with a little more subtlety.

“ slinking and strutting ”

Setlist: Work Song / Wait / Devil On My Back / Lead Foot / Rise Up / Runnin' / Saturday Night / Boo Hoo Hoo // If Anything // All Woman

Written by Vikki Roberts
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