Monster Magnet - Last Patrol

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Monster Magnet have spent a long time below their previous heights. They've only released three albums in the 12 years since 2001's Gods Says No, none of which have been consistently good, and several tours in that time had to be cancelled because of front-man Dave Wyndorf's rehab visits. It seems that they have finally rediscovered what it was that made them so good before, as new album Last Patrol is probably their best since Powertrip 15 years ago. The album is being marketed as "trippy", but it isn't. Trippy normally translates to messy, and this is far from that. Excellent slow-building opener Live Behind The Clouds leads into the nine-minute title track which tries to give the impression of being "trippy" but is far more controlled that that, spinning its main refrain out over several minutes at the end under drum fills and lead guitar feedback galore. A cover of Donovan's Three Kingfishers, the brilliantly bluesy Paradise, the chilled acoustic groove of The Duke (of Supernature), and a spot of Danzig-worship in End of Time provide the middle of the album, wrapped around more straight-forward rockers Hallelujah and Mindless Ones, before the disc perfectly balances itself at the end in the form of sombre acoustic closer Stay Tuned. The difference here is that Last Patrol is a controlled, smart, mature album. The kind of album a band like Monster Magnet should be making, instead of making blunt attempts at recapturing where they started 25 years ago.

Written by Andy Lye
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