Michael Schenker - Bridge The Gap

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The second Doogie White-fronted album of 2013 sees him permanently fronting Michael Schenker's band after a couple of years as more of a rotating collective, and of the two this really is a distant second. As with most Schenker albums, the centre of attention is him. On his best albums this results in great rock sings highlighted by his stellar playing. On his worst everything plays out like a collection of phoned-in Schenker riffs and solos, with songs loosely built around them. Bridge The Gap is somewhere in between these two extremes. With a steady band comprising former Scorpions band-mates Francis Buchholz (bass) and Herman Rarebell (drums), plus White and long-time guitar sidekick Wayne Findlay, Bridge The Gap should have been a consitent album, but many of the songs are repetitive and lack the real flair Schenker is capable of. Some, like Horizons and Because You Lied, are plain boring, while others show up out-of-place solos that have clearly been pasted over backing tracks. Half the time it feels like the core of the songs, and the guitar parts, have been written by separate people who haven't heard what the other is doing, and then re-assembled afterwards. The darker, more sinister mood they've tried to achieve on several songs, like Black Moon Rising and Where The Wild Winds Blow, is very interesting and a little different for a Schenker album, but the outcome is similar to, albeit slightly better than, the other tracks. After a few good albums in a row, and some successful tour, this should have been much, much better. Doogie White fans are encouraged to go for the new La Paz album instead.

Written by Andy Lye
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