Metal Church - Generation Nothing

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After the excellent trio of new millennium Metal Church albums in This Present Wasteland, The Weight of The World, and A Light In The Dark, all with current singer Ronny Munroe, the news that the Metal Church would be returning from their hiatus of five years with a new album was greeted warmly by the metal community. But the result does not live up to the expectations set by those three previous records. Generation Nothing suffers badly from a thin guitar tone and rather formulaic riffs, giving the overall impression of a second-rate version of recent Accept albums without the urgency. Munroe still sounds great, and is obviously still the right man for this band, but the application of the band isn't really the problem, they all play what's here very well, the songs are the problem, and therefore the use of the band in those songs. The biggest problem is that there's no variety. Every riff has been heard before, and Munroe doesn't use all the different vocal styles he has previously. Beyond that, there's just nothing of the class of Disappear, War Never Won, or The Believer from the last two albums. In short, it's boring. There's just nothing to get excited about, or to hold interest. The best track is probably closer The Media Horse, which does at least try to run the gamut of riffs, softer parts, and vocal styles, but it only re-covers ground the rest of the album just spent 48 minutes doing. The other good track is Noises In The Wall which, although all of its riffs are as generic as the shorter songs, does use its eight minutes to pack in as many of them as possible. Of the shorter, more straight-forward songs, the title track is the best, but it's really only the least dull of a dull bunch.

Written by Andy Lye
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