Generation Kill - We're All Gonna Die

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It's fair to say when faced with the prospect of a side-project from Exodus vocalist Rob Dukes, most people were expecting a straight-forward thrash outing which, due to the vocals, would sound very much like Exodus. And for the most part that's what they delivered on 2011 debut album Red, White And Blood. But even then, there were hints of something different, and that has now been fully realised on We're All Gonna Die, their first album for Nuclear Blast. It does contain occasional faster-paced elements which do bare a resemblance to Dukes' regular employers (Friendly Fire, title track, Vegas), but otherwise Generation Kill have become a very different animal indeed as the rest of it ranges from the modern metal (Born To Serve) to the mellow side of Crowbar (beginning and end of Prophets of War, the brilliant There Is No Hope, Self Destruction). As the song titles and band name suggest, most of their songs are about soldiers and war ('Generation Kill' was a very popular HBO television series about the 2003 assault of Baghdad), so maybe there's a little bit of a one-dimensional approach there, but when the album touches thrash, alternative metal, hardcore, doom, and acoustic melancholy all in the space of 32 minutes (which is disappointingly short), there's clearly more to the band than, say, Sabaton. This is twice the album the first one was as the band have successfully expanded on the different textures they hinted at before.

Written by Andy Lye
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