Five Finger Death Punch - The Wrong Side of Heaven And The Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 2

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Following the great success of The Wrong Side of Heaven And The Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 1, released earlier this year, the question of whether their second offering of the pair could actually bring something new to the table overshadowed its release. Furthermore, the increasing concern over how a double album of similar material could set them away from the rest. Initially the opening track Here To Die is that the Las Vegas titans seems to have taken inspiration from there gold certificated album War Is The Answer (2009), with a blistering rhythm section, chugging guitars and a healthy combination of melodic and aggressive vocal work that gives the track the ability to be catchy and hostile at once. In fact compared to the previous work, this is arguably there heaviest album since War Is The Answer and shows they have definitely decided to leave the heavier of the 20 new songs for this latter half of the double album. Continuing in this style is second track Weight Beneath My Skin which once again showcases lead vocalist Ivan Moody's versatile and powerful voice, and firmly highlights why this band should be taken seriously in the metal world as well as the rock. With the exception of the cheesy, radio friendly Battle Born, the album continues in the aggressive manner which Five Finger Death Punch are famous for, until the introduction of the bands second instrumental track The Agony of Regret. Although it can be argued that the track is a fitting composition and is a great introduction to the deeply emotional Cold, it is simply an album filler, especially compared to their previous instrumental track, the astonishing Canto 34. Following on from the atmosphere of Cold, the album begins to pick up pace once more with heavy anthems such as My Heart Lied and A Day In My Life until once again the album comes to a halt with a poor version of House of The Rising Sun. Although at first the song is a quirky adaptation of The Animals classic, the novelty soon wears off and it ends up being a weak ending to a great album. Overall though the album is a worthy addition to the series and shows that the band are still on form, but with some areas that are still simply holding them back.

Written by Ellis Davis
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