Audrey Horne - LIVE: Upstairs At The Garage, London 2013

Youngblood Tour
February 27 (21:05-22:10)
Capacity 150

Audrey Horne's new album Youngblood is already being hailed as their best effort to date, and thanks to some sponsorship from Metal Hammer Magazine they were given this opportunity to showcase material from it in one of the most intimate dedicated concert venues London has to offer.

To a crowd numbering no more than 100 the Norwegian outfit, following excellent but under-appreciated local band The Broken Chords, spent just 65 minutes on stage thanks to the early curfew imposed by the venue, but packed into that time an unbelievable amount of energy.

Sticking almost entirely to the new album they played every track from Youngblood apart from The Open Sea, ironically the disc's best song, but also tellingly the only one with prominent keyboards, something they don't have live anymore. And even though there were only a few older songs to be measured against, it was clear the new ones were the most popular too.

In fact, such was the difference in reception between the old and the new, that playing Bridges And Anchors second, between new single Redemption Blues and the new album's title track, threatened to lose the crowd early on. But in Torkjell "Toschie" Rød the band has one of liveliest front-men around today at their disposal, and he easily got the audience back on side within the space of one song. Indeed not plagued by the appalling sound the venue normally affords bands, their only problem from there on out was one of space.

Guitar duo Arve "Ice Dale" Isdal and Thomas Tofthagen, who truly are now forming a partnership worthy of the history books, and bassist Espen Lien all tried to get in on the action as much as they could, but avoiding bumping into each other turned out to be their primary concern. That is until the second half of the set, which Toschie spent almost entirely in the crowd, singing from whichever spot in the room he found himself and leaving the stage to the rest of the band, making sure he returned to the front row whenever either guitarist had a solo coming up, just in case he could succeed in distracting them.

As the end of the set approached the livewire singer revealed the band would be returning as soon as the first week of May to play the larger Underworld club with Tofthagen's other band Sahg, and acoustic doom rock combo Ancient VVisdom having since been revealed as the rest of the first class bill. Audrey Horne would be worth the price of admission alone, but with the other two in tow the tour is unmissable.

“ an unbelievable amount of energy ”

Broken Chords setlist: Son of A Gun / Run Free / Live And Let Loose / Get Up Get Out / Fly Or Die / Pyro / Gypsy's Warning

Audrey Horne setlist: Redemption Blues / Bridges And Anchors / Youngblood / Show And Tell / Cards With The Devil / There Goes A Lady / Pretty Little Sunshine / Firehose / The King Is Dead / This Ends Here / Threshold / Straight Into Your Grave / Blaze of Ashes

Photo(s): Andy Lye

Written by Andy Lye
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