Annihilator - Feast

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The last album from Canadian thrash institution Annihilator was three years ago now, and the self-titled effort was very typical of their style, and therefore fittingly titled, but not the most adventurous thing they've put out. This new one tries many more new things, stamped with Jeff Waters' trademark sharp guitar tone and complex solos, but around different melodies and ideas, particularly when it comes to Dave Padden's vocals. Opener Deadlock will immediately appeal to Evile fans, sounding quite close to their style in terms of vocal melodies and riffs, then there's No Surrender's jazz-based bass lines, acoustic ballad Perfect Angel Eyes, and the Fozzy-styled hard rock groove of Wrapped with a chorus vocal melody Jonathan Davies would be proud of courtesy of a guest appearance from Danko Jones. Feast is easily the most varied Annihilator album for many years, and presents everything they're capable of, particular the versatility of Padden's voice. Also, for a change, the special edition of Feast is so good, it more or less makes the standard edition unbuyable. Far from simply adding an extra bonus track or special packaging, it adds an entire second CD comprising 15 re-recorded songs from Annihilator's pre-Padden catalogue, properly updating classics like The Fun Palace, Alison Hell, Brain Dance, King of The Kill, and Ultra-Motion to their current sound, and in some cases making the older material available to younger fans who aren't familiar with the older albums.

Written by Andy Lye
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