Andi Deris - Million Dollar Haircuts On Ten Cent Heads

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After two previous attempts to go solo with Done By Mirrors and Come In From The Rain, Helloween and former Pink Cream 69 singer Andi Deris has put together a new band, The Bad Bankers, for a new solo album. It's comfortably his best so far, and better than most of his recent work with Helloween as well, but doesn't quite maintain the early promise of the first few tracks. Opener Cock, Banker's Delight (Dead Or Alive), are probably the heaviest songs he's been on since Mirror Mirror, and it's in these tracks, along with the catchy Will We Ever Change, that sound different to his normal output that the great level of interest lies and the album starts so strongly. Some tracks which are a bit more typical, and therefore less interesting (particularly first single Don't Listen To The Radio (TWOTW 1938) and EnAmoria) are to be expected, but the second half of the album contains too many familiar songs, culminating in the inevitable ballad I Sing Myself Away. Most of the songs are good, they're just not as interesting as things which are a bit more outside his usual remit. His sense of humour hasn't left him, getting his retaliation against his detractors in first by listing his contributions as "bad vocals" in the liner notes, and no one can doubt that the album is a pure Deris solo album, despite the named backing band, as he wrote and composed all of the songs himself, evidence of which can be found in the demo tracks on the second disc of the limited edition version, on which he plays all of the instruments, including drums. This album therefore is probably the purest representation of his musical ideas to exist, making it easy to see which aspects he contributes to Helloween and which he doesn't. It's just a shame that there aren't more songs here which are as significantly different as the first three.

Written by Andy Lye
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