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Up until last year Weh, Erik Evju's one-man neo-folk project, had been a difficult commodity to get hold of. After nine years of recording well-received and respected demos in Norway and Sweden, those demos were finally collected into a double album called Origins and released on CD for the first time by Soulseller Records. In 2012 Weh finally releases what is officially his debut album, shaped by the years of recording the demos and honing the Weh sound, En Natt Kom Doed continues to deliver short bursts of sombre-as-death, supremely delicate neo-folk for a quick 33 minutes. The potentially sad thing about this disc is that it is not as accessibly as the double album of demos purely because there are so many songs in Erik's native tongue. Of the eight tracks here, one is a short instrumental, three are in English, and four are in Norwegian. While obviously still as exquisit musically (and probably lyrically?) as the English ones, this disc is not going to have the same international appeal as Origins (which only had three Norwegian-vocal songs across two CDs). Nevertheless, the music here is just as good as any of the demos. Everything is based predominantly around Evju's solo acoustic guitar, with occasional, sparse use of acoustic bass or keyboards to add accent, and is produced so perfectly that every notes rings with crystal clarity. He sticks entirely to low-tone, almost spoken vocals, adding to the downbeat feel of the music, and the marriage of delicate, precise music with such lyrical misery is wholly captivating. Highlight is probably the excellent, slightly more musically upbeat The Unborn, and with more songs in English (and just generally more songs), this would be flawless. While the language thing is ordinarily not a problem, lyrics aren't normally such an important part of the songs (e.g. Rammstein), but the fact that the album's beauty is divided equally between the lyrics and the music, and most listeners won't understand the lyrics, is genuinly relevant issue.

Written by Andy Lye
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