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T&N stands for "tooth and nail" because the core of the project is comprised of three-quarters of the line-up responsible for the 1984 Dokken album Tooth And Nail; namely guitarist George Lynch, bassist Jeff Pilson, and drummer Mick Brown. The resulting album is made up of seven new original songs and five Dokken covers. Brown only appears on the Dokken covers, replaced by Whitesnake's Brian Tichy on the originals, while Pilson handles lead vocals most of the time. On four of the covers guest lead vocalists Tim "Ripper" Owens, Sebastian Bach, Robert Mason from Warrant, and Doug Pinnick from King's X lend a hand. While some of the Dokken songs, particularly Into The Fire and It's Not Love, can't shake their '80s trappings, Owens makes Kiss of Death from 1987's Back For The Attack sound like an updated, heavier song, Pinnick's smooth voices gives Tooth And Nail a new feel, and Bach does a superb job on Alone Again from Tooth And Nail. In actual fact not much effort has been made to sound particularly modern throughout the whole album, not when compared to the material Lynch has recorded with projects like his excellent Souls of We, or the pair's Lynch/Pilson collaboration (which this effectively is again), so fans of the Dokken men should be pleased with the results. Pilson proves he's an excellent singer (and producer) and the riffs and solos are classic Lynch. The guest appearances on the covers add an extra bit of flavour, but the key is the original material because that's where any potential longevity sits, and the high quality of the songs here suggests there's a strong future in the project.

Written by Andy Lye
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