Paradise Lost - Tragic Idol

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The feeling that the three years since Paradise Lost's highly acclaimed Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us album have passed by very quickly is not uncommon amongst fans, and that feeling is not abated by new album Tragic Idol. With instantly catchy songs like Fear of Impending Hell, the title track, and Honesty In Death standing out straight away, therein lies the only problem with Tragic Idol; from the first listen it's too familiar. Half of it sounds like it belongs on Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us, and half of it sounds like discarded songs from the same sessions. That isn't to say that any of it is bad, quite the contrary, it just doesn't demonstrate very much in the way of progression from the previous album, which has up to now always been something Paradise Lost have tried to do with each new disc. Their intention was to be more melodic, using more of their classic metal influences, but to be just as heavy as they were last time out, and in that sense the album is a success. With a lot more in the way of guitar solos, lead melodies and hooky choruses it's certainly a less sombre experience than the previous outing while remain just as doomy, but beyond that small difference it's just more of the same in every other way. That actually makes it a very solid album, and definitely better than some of their more experimental offerings of the past, but it doesn't achieve much beyond building on the same things that made the last album so popular. For fans who loved the last one and want more in the same vein, Tragic Idol is nearly as good as Faith Death Us - Death Unites Us, and live these songs will slot into the set nicely. Anyone looking for something new from the band might have to wait until next time.

Written by Andy Lye
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