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About three years ago Overkill decided they wanted to go back in time a little, stylistically speaking, and return to the all fast all the time brand of thrash they helped pioneer in the first place, which is largely what most thrash fans want anyway. What this tends to do, to all thrash bands, is make them rather one-dimensional and boring. Overkill never have been, because they've brought remarkable variety and groove into many of their songs, but even they are not impervious to becoming a little stale. 2010's Ironbound was the first album where they exercised this new/old view, and it was a roaring success. It was indeed an excellent album and just about the best example of how to do thrash in the traditional way around at the time. Now they've done it again, and this time something's missing. So much sounds like other Overkill material that after about four tracks of the relentless pace the feeling that it's all been heard before sets in and into the background the album goes. The absolutely blistering Come And Get It benefits from being first, and it is a fine example of full-speed thrash metal. First single Electric Rattlesnake repeats the same break-neck stunt, almost exactly, then Wish You Were Dead does it again. And so on. Because Overkill are such an accomplished band, their efforts are still better than most thrash bands, but without that trademark variation and groove that always set them apart, even they can't pull off such a single-minded approach too often.

Written by Andy Lye
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