Diabulus In Musica - The Wanderer

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Spanish newcomers Diabulus in Musica (named after a musical term, not a Slayer album, you uncultured ingrates) might not necessarily be garnering huge success in their home country but certainly seem to have gained a loyal following elsewhere. This is perhaps why the young band have been quickly scooped up by Napalm Records – and thankfully the band do have the musical chops to back up their modest success so far. The Wanderer is a thoroughly well written and composed sophomore effort, with a palette that ranges from practical death metal through classic symphonic metal to operatic sounding ballads. The comparison that the band will no doubt be dealing with throughout their careers is with Epica (this isn't helped by Mark Jansen guesting on all-out rocker Blazing A Trail, not that it should be a problem). Like Epica, Diabulus in Musica have large sounding compositions but never fail to inject invigorating melodies, letting their music be enjoyed by the casual fan as well as the more serious, progressive listener. There's certainly a very different flavour to the band's music, though – when in death mode for haunting Shadow of The Throne for example, there's a very gothic mood heightened by subtle spanish guitar. Singer Zuberoa Aznárez also has a much smoother and more exotic feel to her voice, with a very confident grasp of the most operatic sections of the album. Still, like Epica, the band's overall talent for writing to a wide range of moods, tempos and styles across the length of an album really shines. Similarities between the two bands? Sure, but they are similarities well worth sharing. Lovers of female-fronted metal would be at a real loss for not having a little wander with this surprising Spanish band.

Written by James Donovan
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