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Just two years after their last album Dominator Germans U.D.O.'s new album Rev-Raptor follows the customary precursor EP Leatherhead, released in March 2011, the title track of which provided the teaser for the album. The sharp, aggressive nature of that track seems to have been a very accurate indicator of their intentions with this record. The album's title track opens, followed by Leatherhead and Renegade, all three being amongst the bands hardest, most aggressive songs to date. Later Dr. Death, Terrorvision, Pain Man, Motor-borg and True Born Winners all follow the same pattern, with hard, razor-riffs and Udo Dirkschneider's patented vicious vocals. In a sense, this follows the pattern of most U.D.O. albums. One kitsch rocker (Rock 'n' Roll Soldiers), one slightly ropey semi-ballad (Days of Hope And Glory), one moodier, better semi-ballad (I Give As Good As I Get), the darker, sinister, slower metal track (Underworld), and the rest ripping metal tracks. Just as Dominator was a more coherent album than Mastercutor, so Rev-Raptor is too. It's harder and heavier but where Dominator favoured the slower tracks, Rev-Raptor favours the faster. What it comes down to is this is more U.D.O. music, just as good as most of the rest, and just as vital for fans and provides another equally high-quality, representative starting point for new listeners.

Written by Andy Lye
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