Surtr - World of Doom

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French traditional doom trio Surtr, named after a giant from Norse mythology, had just one self-published demo EP to their name before getting their record deal with Altsphere Production, giving rise to this debut concept album just a year later. The album is divided into five parts, two of which (Part I and Part V) were released on the demo, and apparently tries to draw analogies between recent riots in France, and the legends of Surtr. It can't quite manage to achieve the full grandeur of the idea simply because, for some reason, the last two parts are separated from the first three by a faithful cover of Reverend Bizarre's one and only sing-a-long anthem Doom Over The World. Nevertheless, concept aside, what Surtr present here is classic, varied traditional doom, with so many truly great riffs that they could have left some out, at no detriment to this album, and saved them for the follow-up. Occasional bursts of harsh vocals, like the chorus of Part III, serve to add a little more variety to the veritable plethora of riffs, but aren't really necessary. This is as pure as traditional doom gets, maybe with a little stoner feel here and there, and fans of the style are guaranteed to never get bored of listening to it.

Written by Andy Lye
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