Redemption - LIVE: The Underworld, London 2011

This Mortal Coil Tour
October 1 (20:45-22:10)
Capacity 500

Seven years after their debut self-titled album Redemption put together one of what have become typically short tours; just six dates across Europe and one in the United States. This show was the first of the run with Italy's Kingcrow, and their first ever show in the UK.

Supporting new album album This Mortal Coil Redemption's were fully expecting several cuts from the disc to feature in the set amongst tracks from the other albums that had been make-up of the setlists on previous tours. But that said, to fans in London it really wasn't going to matter what the setlist looked like. They've never seen any of the songs performed live, so the set's similarities to the ones played over a year ago was irrelevant.

Restricted by a tight curfew (everyone had to be out, including the band and their gear, by 22:30) they just about managed to squeeze an 85-minute set in, comprising all the songs they normally include in their current headlining shows, and kept audience interaction to a minimum to ensure the maximum number of songs possible could be played, performing near-flawlessly for the whole show.

It was however clear from fairly early on in the show that the band hadn't had a great deal of time to rehearse. Front-man Ray Alder (also Fates Warning) was having to use lyric sheets taped to the stage, even for older songs, and there wasn't the abundance of tracks from the new disc that were expected. After two or three songs Van Dyk revealed that their usual touring keyboard player, Greg Hosharian, had pulled out of the tour just two weeks before it was due to begin, so they were having to use tapes of the keyboard parts, which is not something they'd ever done in a live setting before.

All in, Redemption are good but unremarkable live. Fans of their albums will always enjoy watching the band play them perfectly, and Redemption's songs definitely draw more emotion from Alder than Fates Warning's do, but besides that there's not a great deal to report. They're an excellent, highly competant band, with a fine body of material which they play very well, but they're possibly a fans-only kind of live outfit.

“ hadn't had a great deal of time to rehearse ”

Setlist: Threads / The Suffocating Silence / Nocturnal / Dreams From The Pit / Walls / Fall On You / Noonday Devil / Leviathan Rising / Black And White World / The Origin of Ruin / Death of Faith And Reason

Photo(s): Andy Lye

Written by Andy Lye
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