Rabbits - Lower Forms

Relapse Records
Produced by Jeremy Romagna & Lauren Newman

Lower Forms is the debut full-length album from Portand, Oregon's sludge/doom outfit Rabbits, and their first album with Relapse Records. Featuring guitarist/vocalist Joshua "Booze" Hughes of Pleasure Forever (and of course, its many related sister projects), this trio specializes in a particularly sludgy blend of Black Sabbath, The Stooges, High On Fire and maybe The Jesus Lizard (but a really angry version thereof).

Perhaps a better way to describe Rabbits' sound would be to imagine an amalgamation of all of the band's related projects (Pleasure Forever, The VSS, Angel Hair etc.), which include influences from hardcore, punk, (heavy) indie rock and sludge, which is then boiled down to a thick paste. In other words, their sound is not unlike a very punky, slower-paced version of High On Fire, or perhaps Converge (if they were all taking massive amounts of quaaludes). Another band which comes to mind in the way of comparisons is Zoroaster, who are also a very heavy, loud stoner/doom trio - but unlike Zoroaster, there is no bass guitar. Instead, Seth Montfort plays guitar and screams/yells along with Booze, and apparently (according to their press kit) the only down-tuning the band uses are that one of the two guitars is adjusted to drop-D (although you could have easily fooled me).

Although the best way to describe their sound may not be completely obvious, there are several things that are quite obvious about Rabbits. They are HEAVY. They are loud. They yell... a lot. They have definitely been influenced by Black Sabbath and punk. They do seem to have some rage issues. Last but not least, if one were to witness them perform live, one would most likely walk away feeling drained and spent, and somehow abused (but yet most likely very pleased about it nonetheless).

So while this review may or may not directly answer the all-important question, "If I listen to this album, will I like it?", it probably does answer the question "Mommy, is this going to hurt?". Simply put...yes, darling, it will. Now buckle your safety belt and hang on tight.

“ a very punky, slower-paced version of High On Fire ”

Tracklist: Burn, Sun, Burn / A Tale of Tales / We Beat / Noise To Share / Duck, The Pigs / Invisibugs / The Flow Below / Weight Here / No Depth / Rot

Written by Chris Poling
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