Nomad Son - LIVE: The Boston Music Room 2011

The Eternal Return Tour
London - February 13
Capacity 250

Based around appearing at the annual Doomsday Festival at the Snooty Fox in Wakefield, Metal On Metal Records recording artists Nomad Son and Mortalicum managed to add another couple of dates to their first ever trip to the UK in London and Derby with help from local doom acts Iron Void, The Prophecy and Kthon.

Kthon replaced The Prophecy as openers at the London show, held in the smaller of the two venues attached to the Boston Arms in Tufnell Park (although marketed by the promotions company as being in the larger Dome upstairs), with Mortalicum and Iron Void each getting a 45-minute direct support slot and Nomad Son headlining for an hour.

Live, Mortalicum are what Grand Magus should be. They similarly try to combine traditional heavy metal with doom metal (without quite so much stoner fuzz as Grand Magus), but are far more engaging on stage. Where Magus are often uninspiring, Mortalicum's lively set backs up their monumental riffs and solos and in Henrik Högl they have a superb vocalist and lead guitarist (as well as a superb beard). Without much pause for breath they played most of their excellent debut album Progress of Doom, including nine-minute epic Damnation of The Soul, and it's just a shame that more doom metal fans in London weren't there to see it.

Sadly, for the whole evening, the crowd could be best described as "negligible", usually with just as many members of the other bands on the floor as there were paying fans. Sadly this is the effect often felt by shows held in London on a Sunday. Four high-quality doom bands for just £6 should have seen guaranteed attendance from most fans in the city, but few came.

And that day of the week makes the venue's poor effort even worse as well. From Kthon onwards they failed to get each band on stage on time and allowed the whole show to run half an hour over the usual 11pm finish. This wouldn't be a problem on any other day of the week, but on Sunday everything shuts down early in London, leaving the few fans who did attend stuck with no underground service to get home. With the venue situation directly opposite the local station, the venue should know better.

But despite the poor organisation of the venue, the bands did their part. After strong sets from Mortalicum and Iron Void, Nomad Son's performance was first class as, after a slightly nervy start on Forever Twilight, they played nearly an hour of songs from their two five-star albums including their own epic Winds of Golgotha, coming back for a thrilling, impromptu encore of Pentagram's Relentless.

They only made one mistake themselves, which was to arrange themselves poorly on stage. The stage was small, so there wasn't much room for maneuvre, and it would seem to be a fairly unimportant point, but in Jordan Cutajar they have a unique and engaging frontman and although bassist Albert Bell is the "name" in the band given his history with strong>Forsaken, to have your singer spending most of the set standing behind the bassist on stage doesn't present the best possible show.

Nevertheless, their display warranted all of the applause they received and they demonstrated that all of the material which sounds so good on record, also shines in the live environment. Hopefully the poor attendance hasn't put them off of coming back to the UK, and next time more fans should endeavour to actually make the effort to listen to new bands (all music fans claim to, very few actually do) and turn up to the shows.

“ performance was first class ”

Mortalicum Setlist: Darkness All Around / Into The Night / Guiding Star / Power And Control / Damnation of The Soul / Progress of Doom / Inner Peace / The Voyager

Iron Void Setlist: Spell of Ruin / Conflict Inside / Final Resting Place / Tyrant's Crown / ?? / Necropolis (City of The Dead) / Suicide Sorcerer

Nomad Son Setlist: Forever Twilight > At The Thresholds of Consciousness / Sigma Draconis / The Vigil / Winds of Golgotha / Seven Notes In Black / Shallow Grave / Guilty As Sin // Relentless

Written by Andy Lye
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