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The last of the three May releases from Eyes Like Snow sees one of the most important, but inexplicably underrated doom formations of all time in Lord Vicar from Finland share an EP with the equally good Canadian doom outfit Funeral Circle. Lord Vicar is the latest band from former-Reverend Bizarre guitarist Peter Vicar, who enlisted former-Count Raven/Saint Vitus vocalist Christian Lindersson for debut album . Here they contribute an astonishing fourteen-minute exclusive epic called The Fear of Being Crushed which is straight out of the Reverend Bizarre stable. Here they take "epic" in every sense of the word an create tangible atmosphere with sweeping movements between slow and fast, depressingly soft and crushingly heavy. This is something to rival the legendary achievements Vicar had in RB. After such a brilliant offering, Funeral Circle have their work cut out, and inevitably don't manage to match the Finns for atmosphere, composition or feeling. But they still deliver two short tracks of classic doom, the second of which drips with mid-'70s Iommi guitar tones. Not quite as good overall as the three-way split EP released on the same day by Eyes Like Snow, where all three artists couldn't be separated in terms of the quality of their contributions, this EP is still a first class piece of doom metal, and an absolutely essential purchase for Lord Vicar/Reverend Bizarre fans.

Written by Andy Lye
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