Hole In The Sky 2011

Garage, Bergen, Norway (24/8-25/8)
USF Verftet, Bergen, Norway (26/8-27/8)

August 24-27

NOK 885,- (two-day main stage ticket for 26/8-27/8)
NOK 570,- (two-day club ticket for 24/8-25/8) SOLD OUT
NOK 340,- (one-day ticket for 24/8 or 25/8) SOLD OUT
NOK 495,- (one-day ticket for 26/8) SOLD OUT
NOK 495,- (one-day ticket for 27/8)

Confirmed Bands:

Day 1 (24/8)


00:15 Marduk
22:55 Black Witchery
21:45 Mortuary Drape
20:50 Archgoat
20:00 One Tail, One Head

Logen Teater

18:00 Wardruna

Day 2 (25/8)


00:45 Saint Vitus
23:05 Grand Magus
22:05 In Solitude
20:50 Pagan Altar Cancelled
20:50 Procession
20:00 Devil

Day 3 (26/8)

USF Verftet

00:20 Satyricon
22:35 Godflesh
21:10 Primordial
19:55 Wolf Cancelled
19:55 Nifelheim
18:50 Ghost
18:00 Negative Plane

Day 4 (27/8)

USF Verftet

23:55 Immortal
22:05 Mayhem
20:20 Enslaved
18:55 Virus
18:00 Helheim


15:30 Vomitor
14:20 Diskord
13:30 Nekromantheon

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Where known, bands are listed in order of status, starting with headliners (in bold). All line-ups are suject to change. Some festivals are subject to license. Booking fee and postage charges my apply to online ticket orders.

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