Gallow God - False Mystical Prose

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Young English doom outfit Gallow God are certainly setting their stall on the slow, epic side of doom metal with their mammoth debut EP clocking in at just under 38 minutes, but boasting just four tracks; the shortest of which is over seven minutes long. Opener The Sin And Doom of Godless Men gathers no pace at all and remains as slow and sombre as its title. The rest of the disc follows suit; even Cathedral's debut was more upbeat than this. At its most devastatingly miserable False Mystical Prose evokes Monotheist-era Celtic Frost with Reverend Bizarre vocals; at its most lively perhaps Candlemass's slowest songs. But it's not funeral doom. Just very, very slow, crushingly heavy traditional doom. Even on the more delicate piano intro to Ship of Nails, and The Emissary's drifting outro, the mood doesn't lighten at all. Indeed the only mid-paced riff at all comes towards the end of Ship Nails (think early Candlemass groover) and the vocals never let up with their relentless despair, dropping into harsh growls from time to time. Bridging the gap between epic doom and funeral doom, this is the kind of stuff doom fans love and everyone else can't understand them for loving. Painfully slow perfection.

Written by Andy Lye
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