Fozzy - LIVE: Dingwalls, London 2011

European Summer Tour
July 17 -- 21:30-22:55
Capacity 500

Fozzy's London stop on the second of three European tour legs supporting Chasing The Grail co-incided nicely with the re-issue of the album the next day accompanying the live CD Remains Alive, recorded on the previous tour cycle.

It also represented the final night of the tour, meaning the crowd anticipated a slightly more special show than normal. But before that less-than-interesting openers Neverborne and Memories In Torment, and far-more-popular rockers Voodoo Vegas. Usual practice for a Sunday in London is to finish at 22:30 due to the general earlier shutting down of the city, especially transport, but the addition of Neverborne to the bill (they didn't play the other UK shows) pushed the finish time to 23:00. People just turned up later as a result. Voodoo Vegas went down reasonably well with their upbeat classic rock sound, shifting a few copies of their self-produced Live CD in the process. It made it quite clear that the majority of Fozzy's fans these days, having shed the intrigued wrestling fans, are classic rock and metal fans, much like Chris Jericho himself.

Fozzy took the restricting Dingwalls stage at 21:30 and immediately looked cramped. Jericho and guitarist Rich Ward are high-energy performers, most of the reason why a Fozzy show is show enjoyable, and they ideally need space. They just about got away with it at The Garage in 2010, but the Dingwalls stage is too small for them. Nevertheless, they gave it their best shot, and the crowd responded in kind.

The set for the tour hadn't changed much from the 2010 set. Most of the same tracks were taken from the previous three albums, and the mid-set cover Eat The Rich by Krokus was also present last time. The only difference was the absence of Judas Priest track Freewheel Burning and older Fozzy number Crucify Yourself, replaced by Wanderlust from All That Remains and another Chasing The Grail track, Pray For Blood. On other headlining nights of this tour the usual encore closer of Enemy had been preceded by a medley of classic metal covers; it's absence on this final night was a real disappointment.

The high points of the set were the best tracks from the excellent Chasing The Grail. Martyr No More, Let The Madness Begin and God Pounds His Nails were highlights of the consistently strong record, and proved so for the show as well. Prior to record the album Jericho did a lot of work on perfecting his voice and singing style, and when material old and new is mixed together in the live environment, it's easy to detect that he is more comfortable with the new songs.

Fozzy's performance was as energetic and entertaining as it always is, but the lack of anything special for the final night, and indeed the absence of something which was a standard inclusion on other nights and was markedly different to what they play last year, was disappointing.

“ high-energy performers ”

Setlist: To Kill A Stranger / Martyr No More / Grail / Daze of The Weak / Wanderlust / Paraskavedekatriaphobia (Friday the 13th) / Eat The Rich / Feel The Burn / With The Fire / Pray For Blood / God Pounds His Nails / Let The Madness Begin / Under Blackened Skies // Enemy

Written by Andy Lye
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