DoomDogs - Unleash The Truth

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After delivering one of the best doom metal releases of 2010, and getting themselves some very good exposure and recognition in the process, Sweden's DoomDogs wasted no time in starting to record their next material, even making a couple of songs available a year or so ahead of the release of this second album. With this one DoomDogs seem to have chosen to start moving away from standard doom metal, following Grand Magus's path (which has admittedly seen them reach much high levels of acclaim than they managed before) by infusing a lot more stoner metal and classic metal influences into their sound, while neatly side-stepping the "epic" sound of Manilla Road and keeping their Kirk Windstein-esque vocals. There are still doom elements, but these tend to be reserved for instrumental breakdowns and bridges rather than the main riffs. An extra layer of fuzz, particularly on the solos, adds the stoner credentials to the mix, while the song structures are just like the ones Magus are using to give their music a wider appeal. There are exceptions, of course. Welcome To The Future is a tradtional doom track more in keeping with the songs on their debut album - perhaps akin to something from Cathedral's Endtyme - while Mind Slayer, Questions To My Answers, and spaced-out Magic of The Black Circle similarly have plenty of doom credibility. Other than those, and delicate, sombre instrumental the pace is somewhat faster and sets DoomDogs stall firmly in the Grand Magus fanbase. Fans of the first album are advised to check out songs from this one before buying, in case the change of direction doesn't suit. Unleash The Truth is a good example of what its trying to be, and excellent, Pentagram-ish tracks like All Lies are undeniable, but older fans just need to be slightly more wary than newcomers. Everyone will love the down-tuned cover of Black Sabbath's A National Acrobat equally though.

Written by Andy Lye
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