Deströyer 666 - To The Devil His Due

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After delivering quality for over fifteen years, Australia's Deströyer 666 have released a compilation of rare/out of print EPs on a compilation. To The Devil His Due contains, Deströyer 666's flagship song, Satanic Speed Metal and their most underrated song, Ghost Dance. Rounding out the album are two newly released songs made specifically for this compilation. Satanic Speed Metal kicks off with a horde of screaming D666 fanatics, and is the only live recording on the album. The song is what Deströyer is all about: speed, riffs, solos, and pure chaos. The rest of the album showcases how much influence they take from old-school Venom to newer blackened thrash bands, like Germany's Desaster or early Sodom. King of Kingsis a chest-pounding sing-along black metal anthem that frontman K.K. Warslut is known for. It's the militant-sounding black metal you'd expect from mid-90's black metal bands like Graveland or Isengard. Ghost Dance is my favorite Deströyer 666 track, and showcases exactly what blackened thrash metal is about. Aggressive, headbanging, and grinding. The band was at their peak when they recorded it. Taste The Poison and Levens Bloed are both more on the thrash side, but still chock full of evilness. The biggest difference about the new songs, Through The Broken Pentagram and See You In Hell, is the production. Other than that, D666 continues it's streak of releasing quality blackened thrash. Definitely reccommended to anyone who hasn't heard these songs before (the inclusion of Satanic Speed Metal makes it a must) or for anyone who's looking to understand just what blackened thrash metal is all about.

Written by Jackson May
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