Arch Enemy - LIVE: Shepherd's Bush Empire, London 2011

Khaos Over Europe Tour
December 6 (21:30-23:00)
Capacity 2,000
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Due to the intervention of the famed ash cloud created by an eruption of Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull Arch Enemy's planned London show in 2010 was moved from April to November, making it barely a year passed before this return to the capital.

Once again bringing with them their apparent personal favourite openers, Taiwanese black metallers Chthonic, plus one-dimensional label-mates Warbringer, one of the big problems with the 2010 set was eliminated when both support bands were restricted to 30 minutes on stage each, both going down quite well. Last time three bands played, with Grand Magus playing for 40 minutes after Malefice and Chthonic had been on, this forcing Arch Enemy to drop songs from their regular set and play for just 70 minutes.

With a full 90 minutes on stage, this time they also had an original new album to promote (last time it was the re-recordings album The Root of All Evil), and it was obvious from blistering opener Yesterday Is Dead And Gone that they were very much excited to be doing so. Where the 2010 performance was somewhat flat and lifeless, which was disappointing for a band whose shows and music are known for their incredible energy, this one was everything Arch Enemy are expected to deliver, perhaps re-energised by the new songs, of which they included four.

The core of the setlist in terms of pre-Khaos Legions material was basically the same, in nearly the same order, as the year before, but with a surprise appearance from Diva Satanica (instead of I Am Legend/Out For Blood which was included on the American tour) amongst the cuts from the new disc. Generally speaking current Arch Enemy fans love to hear My Apocalypse, Revolution Begins, I Will Live Again, We Will Rise and Taking Back My Soul every time anyway, but a few would perhaps rather some more old songs were included, particularly after they bothered to record The Root of All Evil.

There were perhaps a few too many solo spots (given that Intermezzo Liberté is basically a Michael Amott solo) where extra songs could have been, but the whole performance from front-woman Angela Gossow back to drummer Daniel Erlandsson was so sharp and engaging that song selection, or lack thereof, almost didn't matter. London has seen both sides of the band in the last two years, but if they keep coming back and delivering shows like this one, no one will tire of them.

“ perhaps re-energised by the new songs ”

ChthonicSetlist: Forty-nine Theurgy Chains / Rise of The Shadow / Southern Cross / Broken Jade / Oceanquake / Takao

Warbringer Setlist: Living Weapon / Severed Reality / Living In A Whirlwind / Shattered Like Glass / Prey For Death / Total War / Combat Shock

Arch Enemy Setlist: Yesterday Is Dead And Gone / Revolution Begins / Ravenous / I Will Live Again / My Apocalypse / Bloodstained Cross / Taking Back My Soul / Drum Solo / Under Black Flags We March / Dead Eyes See No Future / Guitar Solo (Chris Amott) / Intermezzo Liberté / Diva Satanica / No Gods, No Masters / Dead Bury Their Dead / We Will Rise // Snowbound / Nemesis/Fields of Desolation

Written by Andy Lye
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