Sons of Liberty - Brush-fires of The Mind

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Sons of Liberty is a new solo project from Iced Earth leader and guitarist Jon Schaffer attempting to raise awareness of the state of the World as Jon sees it, drawing heavily from influential writings, speeches and documentaries on topics like the US Federal Reserve, government and American history. Schaffer handles all of the guitars (apart from some solos contributed by Jim Morris, as always, and current Iced Earth lead guitarist Troy Steele) and most surprisingly all of the lead vocals himself. The most striking thing is just how good Jon Schaffer's vocals actually are. He sounds like a slightly-less-capable version of Iced Earth vocalist Matthew Barlow and turns in a thoroughly impressive performance. On the guitar front, while the album for the most part carries his typical sound, the riffs and rhythms are more varied than the rut many believe he's slipped into with Iced Earth. The melodies and choruses make for a very enjoyable listen musically, but lyrically it's all a bit difficult to digest. Much of the material here is like a preachier version of the Iced Earth album The Glorious Burden, which was much more celebratory and a lot less defensive than Jon's stance here. The relentless hammering of the view that the public are slaves to the banks, referencing the origins of the United States as often as possible, is wearing, and detracts from the enjoyment of the album. Jon is trying to bring certain issues to light, but by doing it in such a forceful and blunt manner he is only likely to reach people who already subscribe to that point of view. Everyone else, the people he's really trying to convince, will disregard it as they do tabloid newspaper headlines. And a great many of those won't be able to look past the content long enough to enjoy the excellent music either.

Written by Andy Lye
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