Ronnie James Dio dies

Following a six-month battle with stomach cancer heavy metal vocal legend Ronnie James Dio has passed away peacefully at 7:45am CST in hospital in Houston at the age of 67.

Rumours began on Saturday May 15 that Dio had died, but these were quickly refuted by wife and manager Wendy Dio. In her response to the rumours she did however say that Ronnie was not doing well, and many fans feared the worst.

Now today, Sunday May 16, Wendy updated the official Dio website with the following statement:

"Today my heart is broken, Ronnie passed away at 7:45am. Many, many friends and family were able to say their private good-byes before he peacefully passed away. Ronnie knew how much he was loved by all. We so appreciate the love and support that you have all given us. Please give us a few days of privacy to deal with this terrible loss. Please know he loved you all and his music will live on forever."

Ronnie James Dio was born Ronald James Padavona in Portsmouth, New Hampshire on July 10, 1942. He first entered the world of professional music in 1958 at the age of 16 when he released the single Lover with the band Ronnie And The Redcaps. He changed his name to Ronnie James Dio in 1961, releasing more singles with The Redcaps until 1967 when they changed their name to Electric Elves and then to Elf in 1969. This is when Dio first started gaining notoriety and a support slot with Deep Purple brought him to the attention of guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, who recruited Dio to front Rainbow when he left Purple, releasing their first album, in 1975.

Dio famously left Rainbow in 1979 to replace Ozzy Osbourne in Black Sabbath, releasing the Heaven & Hell album in 1980. Dio left Sabbath in 1982, forming his solo band Dio, which continued until the day he died. Dio rejoined Sabbath for one album and tour in 1992, and then again in 2006, renaming themselves Heaven And Hell. The band was also still together when he died, and had recently cancelled a string of shows in Europe scheduled for the Summer of 2010 because of Dio's health.

Statements, tributes and live renditions of classic songs from Dio, Rainbow and Black Sabbath are expected of the coming weeks and months, and a few artists and writers have already commented, honouring one of the greatest metal vocalists of all time:

Heaven And Hell
"Our hearts are heavy with the news of Ronnie James Dio's passing. Words can't express how much he will be missed."

Twisted Sister
"The members of Twisted Sister along with millions of metal fans around the world mourn the death of our friend Ronnie James Dio. Ronnie not only was a giant in the world wide metal scene, but he was also one of the nicest people you would ever want to meet. Beginning in 1983 when we first toured with Ronnie in Canada, and continuing over the last 7 years when we played dozens of festivals around the world, Ronnie was one of the most supportive and gracious members of the music community. Our thoughts and prayers are with Wendy and Ronnie's family"

Glenn Hughes, ex-Deep Purple vocalist
"It is a very sad day today... I have lost a very dear friend.

"Ronnie was a true leader of heavy metal... an icon and a visionary... there will never be another like him.

"Ronnie gave me wisdom, and showed me great compassion when he was in Elf, all those years ago, when we were on tour together in my time in Deep Purple. He was a beautiful soul, kind, considerate and a wonderful teacher.

"Someday I'll be bringing your microphone up there with me, and we'll sing a song, and share a Vindaloo together...

"I'll miss you mate."

Mark Gromen, BW&BK writer
"It seemed like he'd be there forever, but now goes the sad news Ronnie James Dio has passed to the other side of life's rainbow. One of metal's true ambassadors, in Rainbow, Heaven & Hell/Black Sabbath and his own outfit, he launched countless careers and turned millions more onto the musical form we all love. The first time I saw him perform was at the old Syria Mosque, in Pittsburgh. A college radio DJ, Holy Diver was a staple of my hand-picked playlist. So when the tour bypassed Cleveland, a buddy and I hit the road, to see the diminutive man with a giant voice. Years later, on the Lock Up The Wolves tour, and then again for Dehumanizer, we met after he headlined the intimate outdoor venue Nautica, right on the river of downtown Cleveland. Soft spoken and always taking time for the fans, many of whom inanely ask the same questions one after the other. In the days before artists lined their pockets with extra cash, thanks to charging for "meet & greet" session, Dio made each feel special (when he really didn't need to spend SO much time) and never a cross word. Prior to the Heaven & Hell reformation, would still try to see Dio when he came through town (even if some of the albums were weak), as the back catalog is beyond reproach. In the last few years, be in H&H at the house of Blues in Atlantic City, or overseas, at Bang Your Head festival and Wacken, it was as close to royalty as metal fans are likely to get. Revered (if not downright loved) universally, band members, as well as fans all want a photo with Dio, an autograph, or just the chance to say hello. Hopefully you had the pleasure. His music, horned salute and influence will live on. Long live Ronnie Dio!"

John 5, Rob Zombie guitarist
"I have loved Dio all my life he will be missed"

Mike Portnoy, Dream Theater drummer
"Rest in peace, Ronnie James Dio... one of the greatest of all time.

"Looks like Dime, Randy, Cliff and Bonzo just scored the ultimate singer.

"This is one of the saddest days in metal ever."

Shawn Drover, Megadeth drummer
"I am at an absolute loss right now upon hearing that Ronnie has passed away. I had the pleasure of touring both Canada and America in 2007 when Megadeth toured with Heaven & Hell (Black Sabbath in my eyes) and I swear to you he is one of the nicest human beings I have ever met, period. Many a night on that tour, Glen and myself would have amazing conversation's with Ronnie about his career, etc. fully knowing he had probably told these stories 10,000 times to people and yet he answered every question I had with a big smile. I can recall so many times making eye contact with Glen (Drover - brother/former Megadeth/King Diamond guitarist) sharing the exact same thought - 'Dude, I can't believe we are hanging with RONNIE JAMES DIO!!!!!' If you are lucky enough in your lifetime to actually meet one of your idols (let alone tour with them) and they turn out to be even nicer than you could have envisioned, that is something you would truly treasure. Lucky for me, I will cherish those memories forever."

"Today is a heavy day, as we mourn the passing of the mighty Ronnie James Dio."

Judas Priest
"We are filled with great sadness at the terrible news about our friend Ronnie James Dio.

"Our condolences and love go to Wendy and Ronnie's family.

"Ronnie was a wonderful man and will be sorely missed."

Al Atkins, ex-Judas Priest vocalist
"Yes the incredible has happened. The world today lost one of the greatest vocalists on the Planet. Al and the band would like to pass on their condolences to Wendy and the rest of the Dio clan. Ronnie's music will live on forever. Rest in peace Ronnie. God bless."

Nick Van Dyk, Redemption guitarist
"I lost a musical hero today, and the news has hit me harder than I thought it would. Ronnie James Dio was one of the first concerts I saw, and Holy Diver one of the first records I bought once I started liking this thing called "heavy metal." Over the years, I have seen him perform more than anyone else (with the exception of my friends in Dream Theater, given our tour together!) and the past several times I've seen him with Black Sabbath have been truly phenomenal.

"I was hoping that Ronnie would be able to perform a guest vocal on a future Redemption CD, and the vocal line I had in mind for him was an expression of triumph over cancer. Obviously, this takes on a horrible irony now. And given my own diagnosis, obviously I'm particularly attuned to what Ronnie endured.

"My thoughts and prayers go out to Ronnie's family and friends. The world of heavy metal has lost its voice. Rest in peace, Ronnie."

Rich Ward, Stuck Mojo/Fozzy guitarist
"Gutted by the passing of Dio. My favorite voice in metal. Someone who brought class to an often classless world of music. Horns up my friend"

Sebastian Bach
"Crying right now in remembrance of my hero and friend, Ronnie James Dio.

"Dio died this morning and he was a major, major part of my life. I got to do shows with him and work with him and I loved Dio my whole life.

"Thanks so much.

"The world has lost one of the best.

"Your last album was your best. Of course."

Ronny Munroe, ex-Metal Church vocalist
"R.J.D. The reason I stepped out from behind the kit was Ronnie James Dio's voice. There will never be another one like it, from soothingly melodic to down right gritty,he was and still is the inspiration for myself and millions of other singers around the world. He may be gone but his legacy remains, and what a stellar one it is...

R.I.P Ronnie and Thank You!"

"We mourn the tragic passing of the great Ronnie James Dio. In addition to his powerhouse vocal ability, Ronnie was a true gentleman who always emanated great warmth and friendship to us and everyone around him. We will miss him."

The Quireboys
The Quireboys were saddened to hear of the passing of Ronnie James Dio today...

"We were fortunate to have played on various festival bills with Ronnie and his band... a really nice guy and one of the greatest rock voices. He will be sadly missed, but his voice shall live on.

"Long live rock and roll."

Lions Share
"Our hearts are broken; our mentor and friend Ronnie James Dio has left us. This is a very sad day in our lives.

"When Lions Share did the Monsters Of The Millennium tour (Lions Share, Dio, Motörhead and Manowar), Ronnie was very supportive and helped us a lot.

"We will dedicate our upcoming shows to Ronnie by playing one or two of his songs.

"Our thoughts go to his family in this difficult time.

"Ronnie, you are our favorite singer of all time. We love you!"

David Coverdale, Whitesnake vocalist
"So very sad to hear of Ronnie's passing... My thoughts, prayers and condolence to his family and friends."

Pearl Aday
"Rest in peace our friend Ronnie James Dio. Thank you for you. Our hearts are for Wendy today."

Scott Ian, Anthrax guitarist
"Rest in peace, Ronnie James Dio. Horns at half mast. Such a huge loss...

"So many memories of Ronnie. Toured together many times. He always had a kind word and a smile and he LOVED the Yankees.

"In 2004 on the Dio/Anthrax tour I would get the Yankee score every inning for Ronnie while he was on stage. He was so into it.

"Saw Black Sabbath on the 'Black & Blue' tour in 1980. First row center.

"Ronnie was king of the world. Top 3 shows of all time."

Ralph Santolla, Obituary guitarist
"There's not a person in metal today that doesn't owe something to Ronnie James Dio. I had the honor to meet him once, and to see him perform many times, including on 'Black and Blue' tour. He seemed to treat everyone he encountered as an equal, but few are his equals.

"Rest in peace, and God bless you."

"Rest in peace Ronnie James Dio. Today is one of the saddest days in metal history. None of us ever had the privilege to meet Ronnie in person, but he was an undeniable influence on everything we have ever done. Dio was the father of heavy metal. Our sincere condolences to Wendy Dio and the entire family, we are all thinking of you. We wrote "Voice of Rock" on our latest album as a tribute to Dio when we first heard he had been diagnosed. This is our tribute to the greatest Heavy Metal singer who ever lived. The Voice of Rock will never die. You will never be forgotten."

David Ellefson, Megadeth bassist
"He was truly one of the 'good guys' in this business and a consummate pro, someone we can all take a cue and learn from. We are all fans of his and he did many great things for Megadeth and its members, starting starting as far back as his Dream Evil North American tour in which we were the support band during the So Far, So Good...So What tour. I'm very thankful to have gotten to know and tour with him in both Megadeth and with Tim "Ripper" Owens. Wendy Dio looked after Ripper's European tour where we played several shows with Heaven & Hell and we got to have many good moments with Ronnie during that tour. He is missed by us all. Our prayers go out to him and his family at this time. Long Live Ronnie James Dio."

"Ronnie James Dio was undoubtedly one of heavy metal's greatest performers and will continue to influence the world of heavy metal forever. He was certainly a very big influence on Queensryche and along the way became a cherished friend too. We will all miss him greatly, but Ronnie will live on every time we raise our metal horns high! The man on the silver mountain will always be our rainbow in the dark"

Danko Jones
"I just heard that Ronnie James Dio died today. This news is very sad. He was the greatest rock singer of all time. I’ve said it on record many many times. He will be greatly missed by all of Rockdom. In 2004, I got to meet Dio and he was so gracious and down-to-earth, then he got up on stage and schooled everyone. We all have the records: Heaven & Hell, Mob Rules, Holy Diver, Last In Line, Dream Evil, Rainbow Rising, Long Live Rock ’N' Roll. I can’t listen to them today because it’s too hard, but tomorrow I will crank these up. R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio."

Joel Gausten, writer
"50+ years of music. The voice to the soundtrack of generations has passed. There will never be another. RIP Ronnie James Dio."

Tarrie B., My Ruin vocalist
"Just read that Ronnie James Dio has passed away. It's another sad day in metal with the loss of one more rock God and true talent taken too early. May he join the other legends in heaven while is voice burns bright like a rainbow in the dark with the music he left behind. Gone but will never be forgotten."

Stu Block, Into Eternity vocalist
"I'm still taking in the fact that we have lost yet ANOTHER timeless metal musician. R.I.P., Ronnie James Dio. A life that was lived to the fullest and also influenced thousands and thousands of musicians. My heart goes out to his family and friends. Cancer is a battle for many people these days; the world is losing many talented,loving and wonderful people. Do what you can to prevent and/or help find a cure. Stay healthy, my friends."

Ritchie Blackmore, ex-Deep Purple/Rainbow guitarist
"Ronnie had a unique and wonderful voice. He will be sadly missed in the rock and roll world"

"A true metal legend always in our hearts."

Aggressive Disorder
"It comes with great sadness that we must bid farwell to a true icon, and one of the best voice in metal: Ronnie James Dio. We offer our deepest condolences to His wife Wendy, and all his family, friends and bandmates. After seeing the internet rumors earlier today crushed by Ronnie's wife and manager, we were happy to hear he was still with us. Only to have the official word come hours later that he was gone. Ronnie inspired each and every member of Aggressive Disorder. His legacy will carry on, and continue to grow. Ronnie James Dio may be gone, but will never be forgotten. He will always be The Man On The Silver Mountain!"

"We are very sad this day. We have lost THE greatest, most powerful and biggest voices in hard rock & metal. For Wolf, Ronnie James Dio, was/is a great inspiration and we will always keep his voice alive listening to his music. Some of us met him on several occations and he was always very nice and took the time to chat about music and the world. You will be sadly missed. May your music live on and on forever."

Gary Holt, Exodus guitarist
"What more can be said about Ronnie that hasn't been said by so many others. He was the kindest, most humble metal god I've ever had the pleasure and honor of touring with. I first met him at Foundations forum, about two to three weeks before our tour with them during the Dehumanizer tour, for about ten minutes while he waited outside for his cab. I introduced myself, said it was an all time honor to meet and tour with him and said see you soon. Fast forward to the first day of the tour, and he sees me and says "How are you doing Gary?". I would not have been offended if he never knew my name the whole tour, but he remembered it from a ten minute chat around three weeks earlier. We had many golden moments hanging out with him, while he allowed me to relentlessly badger him for stories about Ritchie Blackmore and the time spent singing for my favorite band, Rainbow. R.I.P., your impact on me won't ever be forgotten."

"Obituary would just like to say what a huge influence Dio was to this band and to the face of metal! He was one of the good guys in music and will be greatly missed! We had the opportunity, only once, to actually talk with Dio. He came up to us and I was amazed that he even knew who Obituary were! In that one, short converstion it was clear what a kind person he was. We no longer have Dio here with us, but we will have his music forever in our souls!"

Tony Iommi, Black Sabbath/Heaven & Hell guitarist
"Yesterday 16th May my dear, dear friend Ronnie James Dio passed away at 7.45am LA time. I’ve been in total shock I just can’t believe he’s gone. Ronnie was one of the nicest people you could ever meet, we had some fantastic times together. Ronnie loved what he did, making music and performing on stage. He loved his fans so much. He was a kind man and would put himself out to help others. I can honestly say it’s truly been an honor to play at his side for all these years, his music will live on forever. Our thoughts are with Wendy Dio who stood by Ronnie until the end, he loved her very much. The man with the magic voice is a star amongst stars, a true professional. I’ll miss you so much my dear friend."

Bobby Rondinelli, Over The Rainbow drummer
''I was very sad to hear of Ronnie's passing, he was one of the best singers and writers ever, and every time I saw him he was a total gentleman, he will be greatly missed but never forgotten."

"There are no words to describe this sad loss. One of the if not the greatest rock/metal singer of all time has passed will be missed."

Hail of Bullets
"There are no words to describe this sad loss. One of the if not the greatest rock/metal singer of all time has passed will be missed."

"The members of Nightmare, along with the whole metal community all around the world, are crying the death of our master of all, Ronnie James Dio. He was not only the best metal singer of all times who inspired so many and especially myself: i have lost a part of my soul today. Ronnie was also one of the nicest artist you would ever want to meet. There is nothing more we can say and we cannot find the words to express our sadness. Our prayers go to his wife Wendy and to his family. God Bless You. R.I.P metal bro!"

SPV Music
"It is with deepest sadness that we mourn the loss of a true legend, an amazing man, and one of the best rock/metal voices ever. The entire staff at SPV offers our deepest condolences to Ronnie James Dio's friends and family. He was truly one the best artists we ever had the pleasure of working with, and the memories that we have of him and his music will live on in our hearts forever"

Oliver Weinsheimer, Keep It True Festival
"One of the highlights of my life was meeting Ronnie James Dio in person in the mid nineties. I did hundreds of interviews in my life but the interview with Ronnie was an unforgettable event. Even though I was writing for a very small black and white fanzine back then he treated me like the chief of the biggest magazine of the world, a true gentleman and idol for a complete metal generation. Without Dio metal wouldn't have developed like it did after his influence. His legacy remains a treasure chest of pure metal magic. Songs of pure feelings and the root of all metal. I think I can speak for all the KEEP IT TRUE community that Ronnie is irreplaceable and will be missed forever. That is what legends are made of....RIP Ronnie..."

Chris Jericho, Fozzy vocalist
"A God amongst singers and a true gentleman. Thank you for always being so nice to me. You are the King of Rock and Roll."

"An icon, a legend, an inspiration for all musicians. May you rest in peace, we will never forget you!"

Nikki Sixx, Mötley Crüe bassist
"Rest in Peace Ronnie. You inspired millions of us."

"I still have this image of him standing on stage in front of 100,000 belting out Man On The Silver Mountain and remember the shivers it sent up my spine. He's one of the kindest souls I have ever met and his talent was beyond inspirational to so many of us. Those of us that had the opportunity to know Ronnie can tell you what a wonderful and passionate man he was."

Tony Cullen, Glyder vocalist
"So sad to hear about RJD, I met him at Gods of Metal in Italy in 2007 and we had a few drinks together, I was picking up the Glyder merch backstage and he was having a glass of wine and he invited me and my wife Linda into his dressing room, we stayed for about an hour and had a great chat. He was such a gentleman and then I got the honour of opening for Dio in Stockholm in 2008, he was so nice to us and on both occasions kept giving me beer and apologizing for not having any Guinness. He was so sharp and remembered me from Italy. They say never meet your heroes and I met mine and I wasn’t disappointed he was a true gentleman. His music brought me so much over the years since I was a teenager listening to Mob Rules, Heaven And Hell and Dehumanizer, Rainbow and the Dio solo stuff."

Joe Di Taranto, Warmachine vocalist/guitarist
"I am devastated to learn that Ronnie James Dio has passed. The world has lost a true legend and pioneer. I feel truly blessed to have met him years ago backstage at his show in Toronto. Before I could even introduce myself, Ronnie already knew my name and to my surprise, was even familiar with my music and Warmachine. I could not believe it. Ronnie James Dio, the legend, my idol and one of my biggest childhood inspirations, knew who I was. I cannot express the joy I felt just to be standing in his presence. Ronnie and I talked for almost an hour. He shared his words of wisdom, and told me to hold on to my dreams. I'll never forget it. I will always be greatful to Ronnie for his time, his hugs and of course his amazing music. You will be sorely missed Ronnie...Long live the king of rock n' roll!"

Brian Tichy, Billy Idol drummer
"I had hoped the rumor stayed just that. Sadly I was wrong. The world is not as cool now. I am another shocked, saddened and hurt fan, just like the millions of Dio fans around the world. I have been cranking Heaven and Hell, Mob Rules, Holy Diver and Last In Line since they came out. I loved so much about those records, but without Ronnie and his insane vocals, they would not have been as believable. Ronnie made you believe! His amazing talent, charisma and power combined were nothing short of magic! Listen to the first three songs on Mob Rules! That is mastered dynamics the likes of which can barely be touched by any vocalist ever! He never changed with the times! He couldn't! He's Dio! He has to be the one guy you can count on! I am happy to have at least have met him briefly and told him how much of a fan I am and that he was one of the mighty elite that inspired me to never stop trying to achieve goals. I was nervous, and he was nothing but kind and classy! I had hoped that someday I could keep time for him. That's ok, I will crank Mob Rules and Holy Diver in the headphones, behind the kit, playing along totally psyched, pretending to be in an arena with him... just like I did in high school! Thanks to Ronnie for all the powerful music! Ronnie James Dio ruled, rules, and will rule!"

John Perez, Solitude Aeturnus guitarist
"Like most everyone I know, I am in a great state of sadness. Ronnie James Dio was the ultimate heavy metal figure. Why? Because he conducted himself the way every one of us should; treating fans and friends with respect above and beyond the call of the duty (b.t.c.o.d) and giving his best to us at all times.

Oh, and lets not forget that he was the BEST! A true professional and a model human being. Make no mistake, the prime influence and building block in Solitude Aeturnus was/is and always will be Dio era Black Sabbath.

Thank you Ronnie and family for all that you’ve given to us. We are grateful and strive to live by your example."

Iron Maiden
"It is with huge sadness we hear that Ronnie has lost his battle against stomach cancer, and our heartfelt condolences go out to his wife Wendy and family at this terrible time. From his earlier years in ELF, Black Sabbath and Dio, right through to his most recent days fronting Heaven and Hell, Ronnie, time and again, proved his genius as a frontman, always giving his all to his fans and his music. Ronnie was not only an incredibly gifted singer but also a wonderfully warm, intelligent and generous person and this shone through both on and off stage leaving a positive mark on everyone he came into contact with. A longstanding friend of Maiden, we played many shows together over the years and we will all miss him greatly.

The world has lost an irreplaceable talent and, first and foremost, one of the finest human beings you could ever wish to meet."

Arch Enemy
"Today is an immensely sad day for the heavy metal / hard rock community as we mourn the loss of one of the most amazing talents in the genre. Ever. A master of his craft and a true gentleman. Funny, smart and witty. He will be much missed by the Arch Enemy camp. Dio's voice will echo in eternity!"

Skid Row
"Our best wishes go out to the family, friends and fans of Ronnie James Dio. He was an influence to all of us and will be greatly missed."

Graham Bonnett, ex-Rainbow vocalist
"It was a horrible day yesterday. I want to thank him for being a good friend, and drawing the map for me, when I was in doubt of the role I would play in Rainbow. My musical background was so different from his but I listened and learned the way to be a replacement, as such and followed the master of hard rock singing, and the name he used to call me "Gray"...the only American that abbreviated my name that was funny to hear... Thanks Ron!!... and Wendy I know will keep him in her heart forever.

My love goes out to him and his family... only one Ronnie!"

"We wish to say goodbye to Ronnie James Dio. Of course he has been a great inspiration for us, both for his unique and incredible voice and for his works with Rainbow, Black Sabbath, his solo career and so on. The news of his disease some months ago and now of his death were a shock for all of us.

We didn't know you personally, but all you did for music and for us fans, is big enough to say that we will miss you deeply."

Nige Rockett, Onslaught guitarist
"The news of Ronnie's death is so very sad and a major loss to the world of metal... You may not quite understand the massive influence the great man had on Onslaught with us being a thrash metal band, but believe me he did.

We have all been huge huge fans for as long as we can remember. His voice would send shivers down the spine, beautiful and yet so immensely powerful... one of my favourite all time songs is The Sign Of The Southern Cross... the vocal is stunning and so perfect.

"On behalf of all of Girlschool, R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio. You were a true rock and roll legend, you will be sorely missed. Our heart goes out to Ronnie and Wendy's family and friends at this sad time."

We were all looking forward to seeing Heaven & Hell and meeting up with Ronnie in August, when we were due to share the billing at this years Bloodstock Festival. Sadly this will not be.

Our deepest condolences go out to Ronnie's family and the H&H guys. He will never be forgotten, his name and his incredible work will live forever. RIP Legend."

Doug Aldrich, Whitesnake/ex-Dio guitarist
"I'm going to miss him so much. We lost a Giant yesterday.... Just broken today.

I was blessed to share some music with him, but mostly, I am thankful his friendship. Ronnie was a good hearted caring man.

He brought so much happiness through his music. Thank you Ronnie for the gifts you shared with us.

Ronnie made Magic and Ronnie was and will always be Golden.

Goodbye Ronnie.
Love you forever,

Joe Lynn Turner, Over The Rainbow vocalist
"Today we not only lost a legend but we lost a friend. Ronnie was a true gentleman of rock... always kind and giving. I was proud to know him... everyone he touched was raised higher. His energy and legacy will live on... and i a fellow member of Rainbow... will continue to sing his praises and his songs. May God hold him in his hands...RIP."

Greg Smith, Over The Rainbow bassist
"I have lost someone who I looked up to as a teenager and that person became my good friend. I shared many laughs, stories, drinks and good times with him on and off the road. Ronnie I will miss you terribly and always think fondly of the times we spent together and of your tremendous talent. Till we meet again my friend!"

"Ronnie James Dio is dead. Tragic and sad, we all mourn the loss of one of heavy metals original legends, unbelievable voices and all-around nice guys. No one has anything but good things to say about this man, and for once, it's all true. HammerFall remembers Ronnie as the Man, as simple as that.

Farewell, Ronnie James God."

Tobias Sammet, Edguy/Avantasia vocalist
"Yesterday I have been informed about the sad news of Ronnie James Dio's passing on Sunday, May 16th, 7:45 AM. It is impossible to find any words for what went through my head and what Ronnie means for me as a vocalist, and as a fanboy too. He gave us so much enchanting music, poetic lyrics and great vocals. To me he was the epitome of the perfect Heavy Metal vocalist. With Edguy we have had the chance to share the stage with Ronnie on several occasions and so I've been given the opportunity to meet him about ten years ago. He was a very nice person with a tremendous charisma who made you feel very appreciated in his environment. I wanted to have him on several Avantasia albums but the schedule never allowed it, he was always busy, always had many things on his schedule, a real workaholic and full of visions and enthusiasm. Ronnie, you will always be remembered as one of the biggest vocalists in the history of music! Rock'n'Roll will never forget you - Rest In Peace!"

King Diamond
"It's with a heavy heart that I pay my respects to Ronnie James Dio.

What an amazing singer and entertainer. Throughout my career, he has always been in my top 10 list of vocalists. The mystery and emotion in his vocal style always lured me in for more.

Unfortunately, I never had the pleasure to meet him in person, but fortunately I did have the extreme pleasure of experiencing his uncanny frontmanship in concert so many times I can't even count it.

I saw him with Elf, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, and almost had one of my wishes fulfilled when Heaven & Hell asked King Diamond to go on tour with them in the USA last year. Unfortunately my back problems prevented that dream from coming true.

I always had the highest respect for him and he will forever have his music playing in my home.

My deepest sympathy goes out to Ronnie's family. I WISH YOU A SAFE JOURNEY TO THE OTHER SIDE.

King Diamond."

Joey Belladonna, Anthrax vocalist
"Ronnie was a big inspiration, influence and dear friend of mine. He was a true gentleman and kind hearted individual. He always would go out of his way to make you feel welcome and important. Without a doubt he was one of the best, top notch and a class act. I will truly miss him."

"The King of Kings and the one man who single handedly defined an entire generation of music and beyond. Missed does not even begin to describe the void this leaves but what a legacy he has left and the millions of friends. RONNIE JAMES DIO YOU WILL BE MISSED AND ALWAYS LOVED."

Stefan Weinerhall, Falconer guitarist
"The No. 1 hero, idol, inspiration is gone! The man who were immortal! Without wanting to be one of all who see a chance to be heard now, I have to say that no other artist´s passing could have affected me in the way as his did.

All of a sudden the creative flame went out, not only because of his musical works but also for his humble ways and down to earth persona although he was the king. This from a man who never met him but always will carry him with!! Your legacy will always live on!!!!! R.I.P. Ronnie James GOD Dio."

Bob Daisley, ex-Rainbow/Ozzy Osbourne bassist
"Today, with the sad passing of my friend and colleague, the world has lost a great man. Not only was he a unique singer, musician and writer, he was a very special human being. Long live Rock ‘n’ Roll and long live the memory of the great Ronnie James Dio. He’ll be sadly missed in many ways, bless him."

Rudy Sarzo, Dio bassist
"I'm saddened beyond words. I will miss the sound of your voice, your magical presence and your wondrous stories. My only consolation is that your now free from your pain. I love you, Ronnie."

Duff McKagan, Velvet Revolver bassist
"My part in this 'summer music playlist' it is going to be a touch bittersweet as it turns out. Last weekend, Ronnie James Dio succumbed to his battle with stomach cancer. From what I understand, Ronnie fought like a warrior to the end. I was supposed to pick a new-ish song for this list, but when it comes to rocking out in the summertime, sometimes you just got to go a little bit old-damn-school. Last In Line is an ass-kicker right up there with anything, punk, rock, and/or metal, and us rockers owe a bit of reverence to this great man. R.I.P., RJD!"

Kerry King, Slayer guitarist
"Few people have had the ability to carry a song like Dio, literally demanding your attention as he effortlessly recreated live the amazing things he did on record. It's odd how things get taken from you quickly...I just saw him a month ago. I know I was lucky to have known Ronnie. One of the nicest guys in the business, without a doubt. He will be hugely missed."

Gus G., Ozzy Osbourne guitarist
"On the night of May 16th, I was shocked to read the news. Ronnie James Dio, a true Rock giant is no longer with us. My condolences go out to his family and close ones and my thoughts are with you.

His music with Dio, Black Sabbath and Rainbow has had a huge impact on me and Firewind’s sound. One of the bands I used to play in also got its name from one of his songs – that was Dream Evil.

While I never had the chance to meet him, Firewind played a festival with Heaven & Hell in 2009 and I got to see him perform. No doubt, it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen and I was amazed by his energy and how spot-on all his notes were.

His music will continue to inspire and his legacy will live on forever.

Thank you for your magic Ronnie James Dio"

Tony Harnell, ex-TNT vocalist
"Since yesterday I have been thinking about how much this man impacted my life and the decision I eventually made to become a singer a few years after hearing him for the first time. Rainbow Rising was given to me by a high school friend when I was about 15 years old. I played it every day 'til I wore out the 8 track cassette tape. This album was one of two that were my introduction to hard rock and metal. For hard rockers this is our first mega loss I would say. Ronnie was such an inspiration to so many singers in our genre I can't imagine what 'metal' singers would sound like without him. On top of all this he was a really nice man that cared deeply about his fans and his friends. As I listened to Stargazer yesterday I felt the sheer power of Ronnie's energy. He is still with us, if not in body, for sure in spirit and he and his voice and music will carry on. 'There's no sun in the shadow of the wizard, See how he glides, Why he's lighter than air'
Love Live Dio"

"We are saddened by the loss of one of our heros - Ronnie James Dio. Our sympathies and prayers go out to Wendy and all of Ronnie's family and friends. We loved you in life and will miss you."

Biff Byford, Saxon vocalist
"Today I heard my friend Ronnie Dio has lost his battle.

"It is a great loss to us all.

"I first met Ronnie in the early Eighties when we played with Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult, the infamous 'Black And Blue' tour.

"I first heard him sing on The Butterfly Ball and from that moment I understood what great singing was all about; he was at the top of his game from then on.

"His voice was always powerful and soaring; his phrasing was uniquely his, copied by many but never bettered.

"I will miss him as we all will.

"The last time we met was in Finland last year, both bands stranded in an airport with flight delays. What do you do?! Go to the bar, get drunk and tell rock and roll stories.

"He told great stories.

"Deepest condolences to his family.

"Somewhere in the night a candle burns for you

"To absent friends."

Jeff Waters, Annihilator guitarist
"[Ronnie] was a super-nice person, uniquely talented and has left us all with great music. In a way, it will strange to live and work in a world and business where Ronnie James Dio is no longer on tour, at the festivals, putting out his music.

"You will never be forgotten and will live on in the music of so many others.

"Stand up and shout."

Lemmy Kilmister, Motörhead vocalist/bassist
"I'm truly upset, especially since he seemed to be rallying at the Golden Gods show.

"Bon Voyage, Ronnie. Rest in peace.

"I'm devastated"

Steve Vai
"Dio was a shining light of rock/metal authenticity. He was a completely dedicated artist with massive talent. It's likely that his vital contributions will continue to inspire well into the future. He is now legend. But more than all this, Ronnie was a really cool guy. I mean reeeally cool.

"God bless you, brutha."

Jon Schaffer, Iced Earth guitarist
"I just wanted to write a note about Ronnie James Dio and how much I will miss him.

Ronnie was the most genuine person I've ever met in the music industry. I think we've all had run-ins with our childhood heroes, and sometimes it can be a disappointing experience. This was definitely not the case with Ronnie, he was a wise, kind, and special person, and a dear friend that will be greatly missed.

Rest in peace brother, your spirit and music will continue to inspire generations to come."

Rob Rock, Impellitteri vocalist
"Very sad news to hear that Ronnie James Dio has passed away. Ronnie was my favorite singer and biggest inspiration for vocal stylings and performance. Truly a vocal legend. You will be forever missed. My condolences to the family. Friends and fans worldwide will miss you and remember you always."

John Sykes, ex-Whitesnake/Thin Lizzy guitarist
"Our condolences to the family of the great Ronnie James Dio. There will never be another like him."

"One of the greatest rock singers of all times have passed away far too early in his life. Ronnie James Dio has meant very much to all members and close collaborators of Therion and we mourn the biggest loss the hard rock scene has experienced. Gone, but never to be forgotten."

The Poodles
"The light in the dark and one of our childhood heroes died Sunday morning. We will always honour and remember your humble ways, outstanding performance and music that will live with us forever. Thank you for your gift to generations of music lovers. May there be light on your way to the other side."

Jon Oliva, Jon Oliva's Pain/ex-Savatage vocalist
"Two days have passed and I still cannot come to grips with the tragic passing of Ronnie James Dio. My heart is sad once again. I have always considered Ronnie as a God, a hero, a pioneer, a legend, and one of the nicest people I have ever met. Ronnie gave Savatage their first break when he took us on tour so many years ago. We were so young and did so many stupid things on that tour. But Ronnie let it all go, and took care of us. The world has lost more than an icon...we lost so much more than that this past Sunday. I can't properly express my sadness. Thank you, Ronnie, and for all you have given us as a musician, but most of all for your sweet and caring soul. You will be missed, and we will celebrate your life forever."

Vinny Appice, Heaven & Hell drummer
"Hey Ron, I never thought the day would come so suddenly. Ronnie was everything to me. He was my best friend, he was my brother. I sat behind him on my drums each night and played, watching him sing, hearing his roaring voice thru my monitors. Every night he sent chills down my spine with his singing, inspiring me to push it further and play the best I can to the limit. I always knew how lucky I was to be in a band with him, but to become friends was even more special. When I met Ronnie I was a kid, 21 years old, eyes wide opened. He took me under his wing, he showed me the way, he was the greatest teacher and inspiration in my life and most of all, the greatest rock singer in the world! My heart is so broken. We are now in a world without him and I will miss him so much. I can only think of how fortunate I was to make music with him that was in his heart. Music that will remain to be listened to by all his fans all over the world, whom he adored and loved! Ronnie I love you man!!"

Mick Box, Uriah Heep guitarist
"This is a very sad day today, as we have lost one of the true great rock singers of our time, Ronnie James Dio.

He was a wonderful man, and whenever our paths crossed on the road we always shared a laugh or two, and I can honestly say he was a true gentleman of the highest order, and a shining example to us all. He will now be singing in rock n' roll heaven which is our loss and their gain.

He will be sadly missed as a singer, writer and a friend, and he really did have a set of golden pipes that really set the standards for others to follow. There will surely not be another one like him, and his music will live on forever."

Dan Lorenzo, Hades/ex-Nonfiction guitarist
"Ronnie James Dio has been a huge influence on me as a singer since the 80s' when I began to sing in metal bands. Since those days, I've been lucky enough to interview many artists (for Steppin' Out Magazine) that have influenced me, but I never had the chance to interview Dio. Of course, when you are in the interviewer's seat though, the interviewee often shows you their best side. By pure chance, I bumped into Mr. Dio in the Garden State Plaza Mall in Paramus, N.J. back in the mid-80s. I was on my lunch break and saw him and an immense body guard shopping at The Wild Pair boot store. I recall approaching him and saying something stupid like, 'Ronnie - I just want to say – you are like a god to me!' Pretty silly I know, but he was a class act gentleman and thanked me for being a fan. It was amazing to meet him in such an environment and have him be so damn friendly and just plain cool. I think I was in a state of shock for the whole week after that....

The world darkens further with the passing of such an icon. Rest In Peace Ronnie."

Chris Impellitteri, Impellitteri guitarist
"We are saddened by the passing of Ronnie James Dio. In our opinion, Ronnie was the greatest metal singer of all time. His unique vocal style influenced legions of metal singers around the globe. His music was addictive, unique, and powerful !

Dio deserves to go down in the history books with Elvis, Lennon, and Michael Jackson. Ronnie was the voice of metal and inspired an entire world to stand up and shout !!

At last years Sweden Rock Festival Impellitteri performed on the headlining stage with Heaven & Hell which was a complete honor!! As a child I use to go see Ronnie play in the arenas with Black Sabbath, and now many years later having played on the same stage with him was mind blowing!! And I can tell you we worked our asses off to play great because we knew he would deliver when he took the stage!!

I personally met Ronnie a few times and he even bought me a drink!! He was a true gentlemen and inspiration to everyone in my band!

I am now and always will be a Dio fan.

Long Live Ronnie James Dio!!"

My Dying Bride
"May we take this opportunity to express our sadness at the death of Ronnie James Dio and our condolences to his family & friends. We toured with him and his band back in 1996 throughout the US where he treated us with a great deal of respect, which we shall never forget. This is a sad time for all who knew and loved him and Rock has lost one of it’s great endearing characters."

Charlie Benante, Anthrax drummer
"The first time I heard Ronnie James Dio, I thought he was a large person, The voice was so huge. It was Rainbow and he was the singer. I was a fan of his from then on. I followed him with Rainbow, Sabbath, Dio, etc. From Man On The Silver Mountain, Heaven And Hell, Rainbow In The Dark... the songs are endless. The sound of his voice with those bands was always so perfect. It was his god-given instrument. He was true metal and the creator of the metal hand sign. Thank you for the music. He was divine."

Blaze Bayley
"Very saddened by the news of the passing of Ronnie James Dio. He was the inspiration for me to start singing and join a metal band after seeing him perform in Birmingham Odeon many many years ago on the Holy Diver tour. My thoughts are with Wendy and the family. On the few occasions I met Ronnie, he was an absolute gentleman, hero and superstar and an example to us all. Thank you, Ronnie, for your wonderful work. Rest in peace."

Rob Halford, Judas Priest/Halford vocalist
"Ronnie James Dio’s voice will live forever, and continue to excite and inspire singers around the world. He was a dear friend, and like millions of metalheads I will miss him deeply."

Jorn Lande, Masterplan/Jorn vocalist
"Ronnie James Dio has passed away and my sorrow runs deeper than words can describe. When the world became a colder place, Ronnie was a symbol of fire and honesty. His magic will forever stay with me, and inspire me to go on. My thoughts go to his wife Wendy, his family and friends, in their devastating loss. I will honor Ronnie's memory, and he will always live in my heart and music."

Simon Wright, Dio drummer
"I lost my best friend. He was like a father to me. I tried so hard to help him win his battle; I was right there with him. He said to me one day, 'We're a team and we're gonna beat this.'

I know he loved you all and was helped by your cards and prayers. I am having a very tough time writing this, and I want you all to know I feel lucky and blessed to have known him. Now, he has no more pain.

I miss him so much."

Zak Stevens, Circle II Circle/Machines of Grace vocalist
"I'm still in a state of disbelief that one of my vocal heroes of all time has passed away. I practically grew up listening to RJD and marvelling over that voice that had a such a huge impact on shaping the genre of rock and metal music that we know today. A good friend of mine introduced me to Dio's band Elf when I was in middle school. And I remember sitting in the movie theater when I was a freshman in high school watching the animated movie 'Heavy Metal' as Black Sabbath's The Mob Rules roared as that army came plowing down the hill. I couldn't wait to buy every album he put out going forward and study it as an up and coming rock vocalist. Ronnie was larger than life to me. I got a chance to hang out with him when I lived in Los Angeles in the early 90's and I told him how I wanted to do just what he did. He was so cool and supportive and told me "Don't give up on your dream. Work hard and things will pan out for you". He was absolutely correct. He was one of the coolest persons I've ever met, period. He will be sorely missed. I have all of his CDs and I'm going to play them all now and take some time to remember one of the all-time greats. And in the process I'm going to continue learning from him."

Jeff Plate, Machines of Grace/ex-Savatage drummer
"Throughout my career with Savatage, TSO and Metal Church, I've had the privilege of meeting many of my idols and heroes. Ronnie James Dio was certainly the most memorable, because he always remembered me. After KISS ALIVE!, Rainbow On Stage was the next live album I could not stop listening to. I wasn't that familiar with all of the songs at the time, but it SOUNDED great! And, once I learned Dio was from Cortland, NY (an hour north of my hometown in Horseheads) I had a rooting interest in the 'local boy'. I met Dio for the first time in 1996 and he was as sincere and friendly and humble as I could have ever imagined. We chatted for about 15 minutes, and he asked how Jon and Chris were (Oliva and Caffery), and chuckled about the infamous tour with Savatage in '87. He made a joke about the name of my hometown, referring to 'women of the night' and guillotines, quite funny actually. I met him several times over the next 10 years, and each time he would greet me with a smile and handshake, 'Jeff, how are you?'. No one reminded him of who I was, he didn't politely ask me where we had met before, he always remembered me, my name, where I was from (along with the joke about my hometown), etc., and we always had a friendly, funny conversation. I am humble enough to realize that I am one of thousands he has met along the way, and I am certainly down on his list of 'important' friends, but he always remembered me, and never hesitated to say my name. The voice is legendary, but that impressed me as much or more than anything. Dio's attitude and personality is something we could all learn from. Rock on Ronnie, you will be sorely missed and never forgotten."

Matt Leff, Machines of Grace guitarist
"In 1988 I was attending GIT in Hollywood and read that Dio was looking for a new guitar player. I never expected to get a call but sent in my demo anyway. A couple months later my phone rang and it was Wendy Dio telling me Ronnie had listened to my material and really liked it, they wanted to know if I'd go down and audition... I was like, 'YEAH!!' Out of the thousands of demo's they received, only a couple guys were brought in to audition and I was really nervous about playing with one of my all time musical idols. I mean, there I was, playing with Ronnie James Dio and his entire band! Not to mention Wendy Dio and some people from their label. Typing this out, I'm remembering how nerve racking it was, but what a fantastic experience it was playing with such a musical powerhouse. From the moment I arrived at the studio, Ronnie made me feel like I had known him my entire life. Just super friendly and any time I tell this story, I always mention that he was one of the nicest people I've ever met. I probably spent 3 or 4 hours playing Dio songs along with some of my own material, then we spent quite a bit of time sitting around the rehearsal room table talking. They all were really great and I'll never forget that day as long as I live. Thank you for being such a huge inspiration Ronnie!"

Mike Fraser, mix engineer
"The rock world just lost an Icon. Ronnie ... you were loved and we will miss you."

Royal Hunt
"We offer our deepest condolences to his friends and family.

"Being huge fans of his talent, we've been privileged to meet Ronnie James Dio in person while supporting his band a few years ago… and will always remember him as a great artist and a kind, caring and bright person… a true gentleman."

James Rivera, Helstar/Seven Witches vocalist
"I am still in disbelief over what has just happened to my mentor, Ronnie James Dio. Unfortunately, I was in Europe when it took place. To be exact, I was in Slovenia and the ironic part of this, which is why I believe it was that much more painful for me, is that I had just performed in the city of Ljubljana the night prior with the European chapter of Sabbath Judas Sabbath, showcasing many of the all-time favourite Sabbath tunes from the Dio era. Many fans in Slovenia and Greece (where we played prior to Slovenia) now really cherish those shows even more so.

Ronnie was my 'wishing well'. He gave me the wisdom and power to become who I am and fulfill all of my dreams. My heart is severely broken and filled with a loneliness that I can hardly bare. I thought as the days have been passing that the misery would go away, but for now it just lingers. I can only patiently wait for another point of view to overcome this hurt. A point of view that the kiss of death has only taken him Over the Rainbow, where he is at peace.

So now rest, great master of all metal voices. I will always love you and miss you eternally."

Ian Gillan, Deep Purple vocalist
"My dear friend Ronnie, departed but not gone. Resting peacefully (for a while) but never forgotten. I've had a sackful of mail since your passing; a sharing of grief and sorrow. We all remember your huge voice, of course - my ears are still ringing: Your wicked humour and sense of decency: The utter professionalism and personality that inspired so much respect from your friends in music. The list goes on but the quality that stands out above all others is your enduring generosity. The one thing that we all treasure, the gift you gave us was your kindness. We all agree you were the kindest man we ever knew. Catch up later, mate."

Steve Morse, Deep Purple guitarist
"Ronnie Dio was a real musician. He was a guy that everybody liked, and always sang loud, in tune, and strong, with that famous voice. I watched him patiently deal with fans at the stage door, and patiently deal with me when I was lucky enough to back him up on our orchestra tour. We backed him up doing a couple of his tunes, and he was tactful and precise with his constructive comments. He could tell if I played one note wrong. I recall him telling me that he used to play trumpet, which might explain his very good ears. Everybody that ever met him will miss him, as well as anybody who ever heard him sing."

Carmine Appice, Vanilla Fudge drummer
"I've known Ronnie since his days with Rainbow. He was the best heavy metal singer to ever live. He had so much power in his voice it was so intense. He wrote great metal anthems.

I really got to know him well when my brother started working with him in Black Sabbath, then Dio. He was part of our family, coming to family functions for holidays, weddings etc. He even came to my bachelor party and wedding in 1983. He was friends with my kids; he was family.

We spent all day Saturday (May 15th) at the hospital. It was sad to see him like that. He was truly loved by millions and by all the people he worked with. All his close friends were around him at this time. Again, truly loved by all his friends; amazing love from all.

It is hard to believe he is gone. His spirit of life will live on in his music and we will never forget Ronnie James Dio, the great heavy metal singer, a friend for years and a brother to my brother Vinny. I've sent my sympathies out to Wendy and Ronnie's family, as well as my brother Vinny, along with Geezer and Tony.

Ronnie, we love you bro. 'You will be missed' is an understatement!"

Bill Ward, Black Sabbath drummer
"My wife and I have sent our condolences and have felt very sad with the news of Ronnie's passing.

We wish to extend our positive thoughts and love to all those who loved Ronnie, and we salute him as a singer, performer, songwriter and arranger.

We plan to make no further statements and prefer to remain private at this time."

"It is with great sadness that we join with the rest of the metal world in mourning the passing of friend Ronnie James Dio. He was a true gentleman, a voice of metal, and a good friend. We toured with him and adored him. He was one of the finest human beings, always a kind word, always thoughtful to all of those around him. He humbled us with his presence and he will be the brightest star in rock'n 'roll heaven! Ronnie, you will be missed."

Tim "Ripper" Owens
"A sad day, just a very sad day!!! We have lost a great human being and the best singer of rock in the world... Ronnie was my hero and my friend, I will miss him and his kind words, he taught me so much on stage and off stage.

I also would like so say that my heart is heavy for Wendy Dio, and we should all keep her in our thoughts and prayers. I Do not think of Wendy without Ronnie and I don't think of Ronnie without Wendy, we all love you Wendy... and we all will miss you Ronnie and we love you for everything you have given us!"

Herman Rarebell, ex-Scorpions drummer
"I knew Ronnie for quite some time - he often came to Scorpions shows over the years. Although he just passed away last weekend, I already really miss him. Hanging out with Ronnie was always fun and we always had a great time laughing and joking. Without a doubt, he will go down in history as one of the greatest singers in the world of heavy metal and hard rock. The best way we should remember Ronnie and to celebrate his life is to break out any one of his classic recordings from Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Dio, or Heaven & Hell. Ronnie, you will never be forgotten."

Yngwie Malmsteen
"I'm deeply saddened by the devastating news. Ronnie was a dear friend and without a doubt the most brilliant of all Rock sirens. He lives forever in our hearts and will never be a equalled. Long Live Ronnie James Dio."

Kevin Bolembech, Non-Fiction bassist
"What can be said about such a tremendous loss?!?! The music of Ronnie JamesDio has been an integral part of my life since I was 9 years old. My first concert EVER was Black Sabbath with Blue Öyster Cult on the Heaven & Hell tour in 1980 - an event that completely changed my life. Over the years I have seen many incarnations of Dio and Sabbath, but my dream was to see a reunion of the classic Heaven and Hell lineup. My prayers were answered at Radio City Music Hall in early 2007 when giants once again walked the earth under the banner of Heaven & Hell. There has never been another singer with more heart, soul, or insight in to the human condition than Ronnie James Dio, and there never will be. Rest in peace Ronnie, and thank you for your priceless gifts - You will not be forgotten."

Jack Black, Tenacious D vocalist/guitarist
"Dio has always been my favorite heavy-metal vocalist. Not just for his musical chops but also for the passion he poured into every performance. His use of beautifully haunting melodies leading to volcanic eruptions of raw rock power led to some of the great anthems of the genre. When Dio, who died May 16 at 67, performed live, he would stalk the stage like a dragon slayer. His commitment and theatricality were spellbinding. As a teenager I was profoundly moved by the life-affirming fire of his songs. They were filled with glory. They made me want to climb mountains and battle demons. To listen to Dio is to be transported to an ancient time of mystery and joy. His songs were an escape for millions of kids looking for release from the usual bull found on the FM dial. I had a chance to work with him, and he was about as cool a person as you could hope to meet. He was generous and soft-spoken, humble and serene, and had a tremendous sense of humor. Thank you, Dio."

"The passing of Ronnie James Dio is a huge loss to the world of rock n' roll. He will be missed by millions of fans around the world. He was an amazing artist, lovely human being, and a dear friend. We will miss you Ronnie."

Crimson Glory
"Crimson Glory wishes to extend their sincere condolences to the family, current and former bandmates, and friends of Ronnie James Dio.

"Ronnie was a wellspring of immeasurable talent and a shining example of the persistence, hard work, dedication, passion and creativity that it takes to become a true legend in the music world. There has not been a kinder, classier, more well-spoken individual in the realm of hard rock and heavy metal, and it is fair to say that the only thing bigger than the man's voice was his heart.

"Ronnie James Dio was easily one of the most influential artists in modern music; that influence can be heard and felt in countless bands that have emerged over the last forty years, including us!

"With the recent passing of our own singer, Midnight, we deeply empathize with the shock and profound sadness that those close to Ronnie are experiencing right now. It is our hope that Ronnie's friends, band mates and family, especially his wife, Wendy, will find find comfort and solace in each other's shared love, respect and fond memories of their time spent with him, as well as the knowledge that Ronnie is incredibly loved by scores of fans of all ages, all over the world."

Scott Warren, Dio keyboardist
"How can I express what 17 years next to Ronnie now means to me? He has led me on an incredible journey. I have been blessed by his presence, and his voice. He was my surrogate father, my brother, my friend, my teacher AND my loyal advocate. Our fearless leader. He never let us down. He was never not out to prove it. Because he 'WAS' it. Just a class act. Life without him will never be the same. Yet it is not because of these things that I know he IS in Heaven. But that's another story.

I will miss you, my dear friend. RJD RIP"

Rob Cavallo, Dehumanizer producer
"Ronnie was the first major artist to take me seriously as an A+R guy and a producer. I have so many amazing stories about the man, his character and
musicianship they could fill a book. He truly was a giving and caring individual and I was blessed to have met him. Here's one short story:

I was with Ronnie, Tony, Geezer and Vinnie at Rockfield studios in Wales. We had just finished the song Time Machine for the Waynes World 1 soundtrack and we were starting on the follow up LP, Dehumanizer, with Mack producing. I was totally jet lagged and half passed out on the living room couch. The studio tracking room door was open and I could very clearly Tony's guitar and Ronnie's voice working out a new track. It was awesome so I got up to tell them so. When I got there I saw Tony plugged into a Marshall 50w half stack with no master volume cranked to full. And I saw Ronnie standing there singing...with NO MICROPHONE! Yep, his voice was that pure and that ripping and that LOUD without a PA! When I expressed how amazing that was they just kinda laughed at me (like it was a normal thing) and then kept on working. It's one of my fondest musical memories...they sounded so amazing together!"

Tracy Grijalva, ex-Dio guitarist
"My condolences for Wendy Dio and all the Dio family for their loss. My prayers are with all of you. I worked with Ronnie for 6 years and it was a truly amazing time.

Long Live Ronnie James Dio, one of the greatest rock vocalist ever!"

Mikael Stanne, Dark Tranquillity vocalist
"It's been a while now and I still cannot deal with the fact that you are gone. Your voice, your passion and humility has been a constant guiding light in my life. You have always been a hero in my house and with my family. The many times I've met you I have been amazed by your grace and generosity. I love you and there are no words to express how much I miss you."

Doro Pesch
"I'm so sad and heartbroken - it's hard to even believe what has happened. It feels like losing one of my best friends. Ronnie was such an incredible inspiration to me both as a musician and as a person. His tremendous talent, the depth of his voice, his sincere personality... it's difficult to put into words the wonderful soul that he was to his friends and fans around the world. I've never seen a musician be as good to their fans the way Ronnie was. I'm so grateful that we were able to support Dio many times throughout the years. Ronnie meant the world to me. I love him so much and miss him so deeply. Rest in peace, Ronnie. Your spirit will live on forever. We love you."

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