Karma To Burn - Appalachian Incantation

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Following 2009's highly successful reunion of the line-up as it was when the band unofficiallu disbanded in 2002, which resulted in a live DVD, Appalachian Incantation represents their first new material in the nine years since Almost Heathen in 2001. It doesn't however represent their best material. Opening brace Forty-Four and Forty-Two are far too repetitive, with only a couple of riffs each, and although the upbeat 41 is more immediately engaging, it doesn't improve matters dramatically. This was never the case with their old albums, which were always interested. The first time this album really comes alive is on Waiting On The Western World, featuring vocals from bassist Rich Mullins' Year Long Disaster band-mate Daniel Davies; a great stoner rock track that would fit on his own band's albums. Forty-Three and Forty-Six fair little better than the opening trio, but the doomer, longer 45 is a genuine return to the Karma To Burn of old. Twenty-Four similarly delivers more riffs and great lead playing than most of the others. The special edition features further instrumental tracks, including some new re-recordings of older pieces like Twenty and Thirty plus another vocal track, this time featuring ex-Kyuss singer John Garcia. It takes over half the song for the vocals to kick in, but when they do it's classic stoner stuff that all fans will love. Appalachian Incantation finishes far stronger than it starts, and shows the trio still have the old spark, if only in the second half of the disc.

Written by Andy Lye
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